How criminal
is your name?

Academic research suggests a person’s first name might be linked to criminality. Delving deeper, we’ve collated a list of the top 500 ‘most criminal’ names and their associated offences. These are based on 25,000 crimes listed in CrimeNet database. See exactly how we worked this out.

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is most criminal name in our rankings, with criminals per 100,000 people with that name.

Which crimes are most associated with?

For people named , the most common crime is

Crime icon
Abduction Arson Assault Burglary Drug offences Firearms Fraud Vehicle-related Murder Miscellaneous Robbery Sex offence

Crimes by type, %

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How criminal is your name?


Academic research suggests that first names can be linked to criminality. American researchers found that unusual boys’ names can be associated with crime, whereas research in Sweden suggests that people names ending in -y are more likely to fall into crime.

We collated the names from over 25,000 crimes found in Australian CrimeNet database and cross-referenced them with the most popular names in Australia in the last 90 years.

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