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Customer Reviews For Go To Court

Every situation is unique, and at Go To Court we endeavour to provide un-paralleled customer service. Here are what our clients say about working with us.

Amy McQuire

Tanguy Mwilambwe represented me in relation to a traffic matter – he was always approachable and made complicated matters easy to understand. I would recommend his services to anyone. I was very happy with his representation.

J. Beckford

Tungay so far has been exceptional. I have an experience before that wasn’t even half as detailed as the phone consultation I had with Tungay. I feel in very safe hands

Tenielle G.

My husband and I have only briefly spoken to Tanguy and couldn’t be more confident. Thank you for showing compassion and understanding toward our situation. You said all the things I wanted you to say (or thought a good lawyer would say), so thanks again. Looking forward to dealing with you further, cheers.

Peter Wassef

Tanguy has been absolutely great with everything that needed to be done. He made sure that everything was done to perfection and optimal professionalism. Furthermore, he is a very hard working solicitor who has nothing but his clients best interest in mind. He showed this over and over again, every time I had him as my solicitor.

Iris Brooks

Tanguy was wonderful, he was very friendly, easy to talk to, a great listener, put us at ease while being very professional.

Janet March

Tanguy has been very helpful and so articulative ; thank you so much

Leon A.

Very pleased with the service ,Thank you very much Ali your very easy and understand of my issues with D V O , Very professional and easy to deal with also clear and explained the best options you showed to me , You really new your job mate . I highly recommend Ali Rana go to court , Thank you heaps Ali

Vicky Ikoos

Ali Rana , thank you for all you work, advice and support. I Highly recommend you to other future clients . Great experience and professionalism , and the end results were achieved , thanks again

Jaxon Arundell

I had Ali Rani and he was really good down to earth made me feel relaxed and just left it in his hands, took away the stress. Thanks Ali

Tesh Kumar

Thank you to my man Ali Rana who works for go to court lawyers. I needed some one to help me to make the judge understand my situation (overseas licence wasn’t accepted so I went to court for unlicensed driving), he walked me through my options and what may or may not happen. Very professional, makes you feel at ease when you have some one like Ali Rana representing you, I highly recommend Ali Rana from go to court lawyers.

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