Thank You Tricia Habjan and Simi Ahuja for Your Dedication

17 October 2016 marks National Manager – Admin and Accounts, Tricia Habjan’s fifth year at Go To Court Lawyers and on 14 October 2016 Simi Ahuja celebrated two years at the firm. These two team members are part of Go To Court’s inspirational family of dedicated and hardworking individuals.

Tricia Habjan started with Go To Court Lawyers in the early-days of the firm and has helped shape the firm to what it is today. From helping innovate and implement Go To Court’s unique procedures to helping with the administrative set-up of multiple new Go To Court offices around the country, Tricia has made a valuable and priceless contribution to the Go To Court family.

Simi Ahuja is a Senior Associate and Hotline lawyer and is congratulated for her two years of enthusiastic service at the firm as one of Go To Court’s best performing Hotline Lawyers. In 24 months, Simi has taken over 6,000 calls and helped over 3,000 clients find a good lawyer.

Thank you both Tricia and Simi for your service and we look forward to many more years of working together.

By Michelle Makela, Partner