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Amran is a highly qualified solicitor who holds a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Laws from La Trobe University. She subsequently achieved a Masters in Global Business Law, also from La Trobe.

Amran completed her Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at Leo Cussens Centre for Law and was admitted to practice law in the Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia in June 2016. With extensive experience in legal practice, Amran has worked on a wide range of matters within many legal disciplines, including civil, immigration, business, family, and criminal law. She passionately advocates on behalf of her clients to defend their rights and to achieve the best possible outcome for them every time.

When she is not working to benefit her clients, Amran enjoys boxing for sport. Having an adventurous nature, she likes to try new things and is always up for fun. She also tries to spend as much time as possible with her extended family and many friends.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Member of the Law Institute of Victoria

Success Stories and Publications

  • Fine Without Conviction For Serious Driving Offences

    Our solicitor Amran Azad assisted a client charged with drink driving with an alleged BAC reading of 0.123 and careless driving as her actions resulted in a motor vehicle collision.

    The client was sentenced without conviction to an aggregate fine of $750 and the mandatory minimum licence loss of 12 months.

    Good Behaviour Bond For Obtaining Financial Advantage by Deception

    Our solicitor Amran Azad assisted a client charged with obtaining a financial advantage by deception.

    The client had incorrectly completed Centrelink forms which resulted in an overpayment of approximately $20,000 whilst he was studying.

    Ms Azad argued that the client would face dire consequences in his future career and asked the court to give him a chance to maintain his good name. In accordance with our submissions, the court discharged the client without conviction on a recognisance of $1,000.00 and conditions to be of good behaviour for 12 months.

    Drive Unlicensed Charge Withdrawn

    Our solicitor Amran Azad assisted a client charged with driving unlicensed.

    The client instructed that the charge was the result of an honest and reasonable mistake in believing his licence had been renewed following a previous suspension period.

    Ms Azad provided prosecution with a VicRoads extract to confirm that the client's licence had been renewed the day after the offence. As a result, the charge was withdrawn.

    Drive Disqualified Charge Withdrawn

    Our solicitor Amran Azad asssited a client charged with driving while his license was suspeded.

    The charge had resulted from an error by VicRoads regarding the status of the client's licence.

    MS Azad sought the necessary information and negotiated with Victoria Police to have the charge withdrawn. As a result of our assistance, the client was able to be excused from attending court as the charge was withdrawn in his absence.

    Charges Withdrawn After Police Interview Suspect Without Interpreter

    Our solicitor Amran Azad represented an international student charged with making a threat to kill and unlawfully assaulting his girlfriend.

    Prior to our engagement, our client had done a police interview in which he had made admissions to the charges. He had been interviewed in English without the presence of an interpreter.

    Ms Azad notified prosecution that she would seek to have the interview ruled inadmissible as the client did not have an interpreter and police elicited admisions from him using suggestive practices.

    The client was facing the possibility of deportation if found guilty of the offences.

    As a result of our efforts in identifying issues in the prosecutor’s evidence, all charges were withdrawn.


    by Jue W. via Google
    Very professional and non-judgmental. Timely feedback within the proposed timeline.
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    Fast responsiveness (called on a Sunday afternoon), had meeting with my assigned lawyer on the Tuesday, legal matter resolved in my favour by Friday afternoon.
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    The best thing to happen to me. Gave me what I believe is a very solid case if it eventuates to court.
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    Top work guys, you’ve got some great Lawyers working for you, helped out massively with my passport issue. Couldn’t be happier with the outcome. “Illegal immigrant” no more. Great work! Highly recommended.
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    Talk about Serendipity! Couldn't have wished for a more helpful & motivated lawyer. Yes - peace of mind!
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    Good experience, the lawyer explained things well and put my mind at ease.
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    Professional, courteous, diligent and above all patient! Could not fault. Always had my best interests at heart.genuinely felt they were doing their very best to achieve the highest possible outcome for me. A happy customer.
    by Melissa J. via Google
    Thank you for working with Joshua and I to achieve a favourable outcome given the start he got off to. We are very pleased with your efforts and would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody in the same situation. All the very best.

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