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Andy Bazzi, Solicitor, Go To Court Lawyers

Andy graduated from Griffith University with a double degree in Law and Psychological Science. He was also awarded a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice by the College of Law and is admitted to practice in Queensland.

Andy has a diverse interest in all areas of law and works to ensure that he understands every component of his clients’ legal issues. He is particularly interested in all aspects of criminal and family law. He also speaks both Arabic and English and is able to meet Arabic-speaking clients to discuss their legal issues in their native tongue.

While studying law Andy demonstrated his dedication to community justice by working at a legal assistance service as a result of which he gained experience in a range of legal disciplines such as criminal law, family law (both parenting and property), and employment law. He also volunteered at a community legal centre.

As a member of the Australian Middle Eastern community, Andy involves himself with his cultural heritage and enjoys spending his free time with his friends and loved ones. He has a strong interest in psychology and human behaviour and is a passionate defender of human rights.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Member of the Queensland Law Society

Success Stories and Publications

No Conviction For Mid-Range Drink Driving

Our solicitor Andy Bazzi represented a client charged with mid-range drink driving, with a BAC of 0.134, which is at the upper end of mid-range.

On Mr Bazzi's advice, the client pleaded guilty at the first opportunity. He received the mandatory minimum license disqualification and avoided having a conviction recorded.

Client Afforded Sentencing Discount for Assisting Police

Our solicitor Andy Bazzi assisted a client who was facing a stealing charge arising from her involvement in a scam to the value of $22,000. The scam had been orchestrated by another person, but the funds had been paid into our client's bank account and she had moved the funds to a number of other parties, both local and overseas.

On Mr Bazzi's advice, the client provided police with detailed information and material to assist in their investigation of the principle offender. This cooperation was emphasised in the defence submissions at sentencing and the client was released on a Good Behaviour Bond and avoided having a conviction recorded.

No Conviction Bond For Serious Driving Offence

Our solicitor Andy Bazzi represented a client in the Children's Court on a charge of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. The client was alleged to have  sped around a corner and lost control of the car with his brother sitting in the passenger seat.

Through case conferencing, Mr Bazzi negotiated to have the charge replaced with the lesser charge of drive without due care and attention.

At sentencing, Mr Bazzi made submissions around the client's favourable education and work history. He was released on a Good Behaviour Bond, avoiding a conviction and a license suspension.


Client With Power of Attorney Assisted in Dealings With Bank

Our solicitor Andy Bazzi assisted a client who held a Power of Attorney for her mother. The client had attempted to take money out of her mother’s account without her mother being present. The bank contacted her mother, who said she wasn’t aware that any such transaction was taking place.

The client was trying to surprise her mother by withdrawing funds for the purchase of a car after the mother's house sold and settlement went through. The bank subsequently blocked access to the mother’s account, even after the mother attended the bank. The bank was concerned that there may be capacity issues with Mum due to the contradicting instructions they received from her.

Mr Bazzi attended a meeting with the branch manager and was able to get the restrictions removed and the funds in the client’s hands by the 28th December. The client and her mother were able to purchase the car before the new year.

Driving Charge Withdrawn After Negotiations

Our solicitor Andy Bazzi recently succeeded in having a driving charge withdrawn. His client was speeding on a motorcycle when a police officer began pursuing him. The client sped off and was out of sight within seconds. Police attended his house and charged him with failing to stop.

The client pleaded not guilty and the matter was listed for hearing. Mr Bazzi subsequently convinced prosecutions to withdraw the charge. Footage from the client's dashcam showed that he would have been unable to identify the vehicle pursuing him as a police vehicle and Mr Bazzi argued that his client mistakenly believed he was being pursued by an angry motorist.  Prosecution agreed to withdraw the charge.


by Alex P. via Google
Great staff who are very helpful and friendly, especially when dealing with sensitive matters. Highly recommend
by Debra K. via Google
After 5 years of constant dispute we contacted Go To Court Lawyers and after our first meeting we left feeling completely relieved. Our lawyer took care of all of the correspondents, completely relieving us of any stress associated with the case and we trusted him to take care of us and he did not disappoint. He managed to get our case settled out of court and we have returned to our normal lives after 5 years. My only regret is that I didn't contact them sooner.
by Brenda M. via Google
Communication was great from start to finish. I cannot fault them in any way, the only solicitor to go above and beyond. I would recommend anyone to use this firm, incredible. Such professionalism, they are right on top of getting you JUSTICE, not stealing your money like all of the others. They know their law, they show it in court and they advise you every step of the way, your never in the dark. I wish we had of found you before wasting money on countless other solicitors. You're only as good as your solicitor, that's the best advice I can give anyone. They have given so much of our life back, we were going to give up, we thought we had lost, then we found them, how lucky were we. Thank you so much.
by Daryl T. via Google
great advice, clear direction...
by Chrissy P. via Google
Very friendly, down to earth and empathetic to my situation, clearly explains the process and supplied a variety of options. Glad to have such an amazing lawyer helping me through this difficult time.
by Michelle S. via Google
Dealt with the guys via phone on a few occasions. Quickly developed a strong professional relationship! Prompt turnaround and reasonable prices for this level of work. Highly recommended.
by R. Norris via Google
We’d like to thank the team for being so wonderful and dedicated to their jobs. Very helpful, patient and always found an answer for our questions/concerns. Couldn't be happier with the service.
by P. Remedies via Google
Made me feel as though they were  in control of the situation. Very good communication also.

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