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Aylish graduated from Bond University with a Bachelor of Laws and then completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice. She was admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland and entered onto the roll of the High Court of Australia.

Aylish has wide experience in criminal law and family law, but also takes a keen interest in domestic violence and Care-and-Protection laws. Aylish has been deeply involved with criminal law for many years and has dealt with a wide variety of matters including traffic matters, assault offences, sexual offences, minor and serious drug offences, and has defended her clients against charges relating to various property offences.

With a passion for providing clients with tailored legal advice suitable to their individual needs, Aylish understands that facing any legal matter can be a daunting process. She always is willing to assist and guide her clients through every step of the legal process, providing advice and support throughout.

Aylish enjoys spending time with family, horse riding, playing the piano, and enjoys an eclectic range of music styles.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Member of the Queensland Law Society
  • Member of the Gold Coast District Law Association

Success Stories and Publications

No Conviction for Assault on Police

Go To Court Solicitor Aylish Robertson appeared on behalf of a 35-year-old at a sentence hearing before the Southport Magistrates Court for the offence of Serious Assault of a Police Officer. On the day of the offence our client had been removed from a public place as a result of his high level of intoxication and taken into police custody. Upon being released, he refused to leave the area surrounding the Police Station and despite numerous attempts by police, he was uncooperative and obstructed them from doing their duty. While the police were attempting to remove him from the area, the Defendant assaulted an officer by striking him to the head.

Our client appeared before the Court with only one previous offence of being intoxicated in a public place. He had no history of a general violence or being violent toward police.

Aylish's client had been struggling with alcohol addiction for some time. He was studying to become a teacher at the time of the offence and had very real concerns with respect to his ability to pursue such a career if a criminal conviction was recorded for the offence, especially given that the charge was for a serious assault on a police officer.

With his solicitor's guidance, our client arranged for a report to be prepared by his psychologist for tender to the Court. This report evidenced his addiction and the influence that his illness had with respect to his offending. Aylish also assisted the client with obtaining a multitude of character references to demonstrate that this offence was completely out of character for the Defendant and unlikely to occur again with ongoing rehabilitation.

Without the assistance of a respected solicitor like Aylish who has the experience to know what submissions to make to the Court, our client may not have been so fortunate. The importance of a putting to the Court mitigating factors and the likelihood of rehabilitation resulted in the client not having a conviction recorded against him, an outcome which had potentially career-altering consequences. The success in this matter demonstrates the significant impact that a well-prepared and professional solicitor can have on the outcome of a case.

No Conviction for Third Drug Related Offence

Solicitor Aylish Robertson represented a 22 year old man before the Cleveland Magistrates Court on 24 April 2017. Our client was charged with driving whilst a relevant drug was present in his saliva, being his second offence of this nature in just 15 months. Our client also had a previous criminal history involving minor drug possession. Our client had been pre-selected to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan however there were concerns as to the impact such a conviction for drug related offending may have on his Olympic hopes.

Usually a person who is convicted for a second offence of this nature would be exposed to the recording of a conviction on their traffic history. It is also difficult to argue that the recording of a traffic conviction is likely to have a negative impact on a person’s employment or travel opportunities.

Despite the fact this was our client’s third time before a court on drug related matters in the past 4 years, our preparation and representation resulted in our client having no recorded conviction. Had it not been for the submissions made by Aylish Robertson as to the potential ramifications to our client’s future prospects, a conviction would have been recorded meaning our client may never have been able to fulfil his dreams of competing for his country in his chosen field.

This case demonstrates the importance of legal representation and how valuable it can be to have a solicitor like Aylish Robertson supporting you every step of the way.


by Colin M. via Google
My lawyer Aylish Robertson was very professional with excellent communication skills and knowledge of law making the very daunting eperience of court appearance so much less stressful. Many thanks Aylish.
by T. Frigene via Google
so far so good. still with them to start/finalise my transition from sponsorship to a PR. very helpful and easy to talk with.
by Trebeany via Google
Kept things simple for us and did a great job on the day. Very happy with the result. 🙂
by Nicolas L. via Google
Gave us all the instructions and we are totally satisfied with all the details so far.
by Alex R. via Google
Excellent and informative web site, efficient phone service, lawyer professional, clear, good advice, clear direction and way forward. Appreciate the professional and wonderful support.
by Donna H. via Google
The lawyer was excellent answered all my questions. Professional yet caring and explained a clear way forward for me.
by S. Lee via Google
Excellent Lawyer. Very helpful.
by Brenda M. via Google
Communication was great from start to finish. I cannot fault them in any way, the only solicitor to go above and beyond. I would recommend anyone to use this firm, incredible. Such professionalism, they are right on top of getting you JUSTICE, not stealing your money like all of the others. They know their law, they show it in court and they advise you every step of the way, your never in the dark. I wish we had of found you before wasting money on countless other solicitors. You're only as good as your solicitor, that's the best advice I can give anyone. They have given so much of our life back, we were going to give up, we thought we had lost, then we found them, how lucky were we. Thank you so much.

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