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Cherisse is a solicitor based at our Gympie office. In 2015, she graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from Charles Darwin University. Cherisse then completed her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice through Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. She was admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2016.

Cherisse has strong interests in family law, domestic violence, criminal law, traffic law, property and succession.

Outside of work, Cherisse is a life saver with Alex Heads Surf Life Saving Club and spends the rest of her time running after her children.

Success Stories and Publications

One Month Disqualification for Drink Driving

Our solicitor Cherisse Breese represented a client charged with low range drink driving.

The client had had a few drinks at home but had become the victim in a violent incident, and got in her car to escape the situation. The client was intercepted by police and charged with low range drink driving.

The client had no previous history and was a community health worker, who had been making a difference in remote indigenous communities for a long time.

Ms Breese made submissions to the court outlining the circumstances around the offending and our client’s good character. The Magistrate sentenced her to a 30-day licence disqualification and a small fine.

Breach of Contract Resolved By Letter of Demand

Our solicitor Cherisse Breese assisted a client who had offered an employment contract to a person. The contract had been accepted and the employee had worked for our client.

The employee left our client’s business but failed to realise there were still contractual obligations to follow.

Ms Breese wrote a letter of demand to the ex-employee demanding she cease her actions that were in breach of the contract. We received a response from the ex-employee stating she would cease those actions and would abide by the terms of the contract.

Successful Negotiation to End Contract Early

Our solicitor Cherisse Breese assisted a client who owned a retail shop and leased part of the shop to another retailer. The relationship deteriorated due to disagreements regarding the use of space.

Our client was feeling unsafe and bullied and wanted to end the lease with the other retailer early.

Ms Breese was able to negotiate terms and the other retailer moved from the premises, leaving both businesses able to continue running but in separate locations.

DVO Matter Resolved Allowing Contact With Children

Our solicitor Cherisse Breese assisted a client who had been in a domestic violence situation. Police attended and an application for a  Protection Order was made. Police requested a non-contact order prohibiting our client from contacting the aggrieved and his children. This was problematic as both the aggrieved and our client worked at a Day Care Centre and two of the children attended the centre every day.

Ms Breese made submissions to the court to allow contact with the children and aggrieved at their place of work, and the family law provisions added to the order so our client was able to attend mediation, have contact with the children and be able to contact the aggrieved with regards to the children.

The Magistrate agreed and the order was made with those conditions.

Blue Card Negative Notice Removed

Our solicitor Cherisse Breese assisted a client who had a  history of drug charges and had been issued a negative Blue card notice. The client was living in a house where another family member was a kinship carer for three children. One of Child Safety’s requirements is that every member of the household has to hold a valid Blue card.

Since the drug charges, the client had turned his life around. He had become a role model at his work, subject to random drug testing and had never returned a positive sample. He was living a clean and honest life, helping raise the children, assisting with their day to day care and doing activities with them.

At the QCAT hearing, Ms Breese made submissions and presented witnesses to show that our client was not a risk to the children and was in fact a great role model who the children loved and admired. The member made the decision to remove our client’s negative notice, a new Blue Card was issued and the family continued to live together.


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