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Cherisse is a solicitor based at our Gympie office. In 2015, she graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from Charles Darwin University. Cherisse then completed her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice through Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. She was admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2016.

Cherisse has strong interests in family law, domestic violence, criminal law, traffic law, property and succession.

Outside of work, Cherisse is a life saver with Alex Heads Surf Life Saving Club and spends the rest of her time running after her children.

Success Stories and Publications

No Conviction for Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm

Our solicitor Cherisse Breese assisted a client cahrged with Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm.

The client had been shopping when she saw a a former friend of hers who had had an affair with the client's husband. The client instructred that she snapped and grabbed the woman around the neck and there was an altercation. The woman sustained redness and pain as a result of the assault.

Ms Breese made submissions to the court regarding the client's previous good character and the history between the two women. Our client was sentenced to a fine of $900 and ordered to pay $500 compensation to the complainant. No conviction was recorded.

No Conviction for Drug Offences

Our solicitor Cherisse Breese asisted a client who was charged with producing dangerous drugs.

The client had a liver disease and a form of arthritis and was unable to take any pain medication. Looking for an alternative to prescription medications he could not take, he started to grow cannabis.

Police came to the client's property and he was charged with producing dangerous drugs and possessing a thing used in a commission of a crime.

Ms Breese made submissions to the court in mitigation of his sentence and showed the court evidence of his medical condition and absence of any previous offences. The Magistrate took her submissions into consideration and sentenced the client to a good behaviour bond of $900 for seven months. He was also ordered to complete a drug diversion program. No conviction was recorded.

Drug Driving Client Retains Licence

Our solicitor Cherisse Breese assisted a client charged with driving with a drug in his system.

Whilst camping, the client had had a few puffs of a joint. The next day whilst driving home, he was pulled over by police and tested positive for cannabis. The client had no history and no offences of a like nature. The client was a tradesperson and required his licence for work purposes.

Ms Breese put an application before the court with regards to the client's licence and the Magistrate ordered him to drive under a work licence for one month and pay a fine of $200.

One Month Disqualification for Drink Driving

Our solicitor Cherisse Breese represented a client charged with low range drink driving.

The client had had a few drinks at home but had become the victim in a violent incident, and got in her car to escape the situation. The client was intercepted by police and charged with low range drink driving.

The client had no previous history and was a community health worker, who had been making a difference in remote indigenous communities for a long time.

Ms Breese made submissions to the court outlining the circumstances around the offending and our client’s good character. The Magistrate sentenced her to a 30-day licence disqualification and a small fine.

Breach of Contract Resolved By Letter of Demand

Our solicitor Cherisse Breese assisted a client who had offered an employment contract to a person. The contract had been accepted and the employee had worked for our client.

The employee left our client’s business but failed to realise there were still contractual obligations to follow.

Ms Breese wrote a letter of demand to the ex-employee demanding she cease her actions that were in breach of the contract. We received a response from the ex-employee stating she would cease those actions and would abide by the terms of the contract.


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I very much appreciate the services rendered to me by my lawyer. The first meeting was fabulous! Communication between my lawyer regarding the case and progress has been exceptional good. I don't know what was going to happen without him. Very much appreciated indeed.
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I couldn't recommend these guys enough. My lawyer was brilliant, very smart and more than I could ask for. I got the best possible outcome from my case. During a very stressful time, they did more than I was honestly expecting. Highly recommended and nothing negative to say. Thank you
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Knowledgeable staff, my Lawer, knew exactly what to do every step of the way and I ended up getting off on a section 10 as hoped for. Couldn't be happier! Thanks guys
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Car was impounded, and licence suspended after being pulled over as a “hoon” which was (btw) a load of *&^%. The Gotocourt lawyers were great, fast efficient, which was obvious after my first call which was answered immediately, gave me some great advice over the phone on what to prepare and had me scheduled to see their lawyer that afternoon. Top bloke, very friendly and well spoken. Totally destroyed the charges in court – when all was said and done my penalty was less than your general parking ticket.
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Very informative Answered every question I had.
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Incredibly professional and effective firm. I could not have asked for a better outcome. These guys are awesome.
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