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Deike holds a Juris Doctor (Master of Laws degree) from Monash University. She also holds a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law and is admitted as a Lawyer to the Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia.

Deike has also become a Registered Migration Agent, following her passion for Immigration Law and assisting clients in making Australia their home. Her personal history, having migrated to Australia herself some years ago as a young adult, gives her a unique insight into the workings of Immigration Law as well as an understanding of clients’ emotions and desires.

Aside from Immigration Law, Deike has a great passion and significant experience in family and criminal law, as well as regularly assisting clients with matters relating to outstanding infringements. She has assisted several clients with a wide range of criminal charges, ranging from driving offences, assaults, thefts to child pornography and sex offences involving children. She is a keen, dedicated and hard-working lawyer who strives to achieve the best results possible for her clients. Deike is an exceptional professional, who has achieved many excellent results for her clients, as is evident from testimonials. She began her career at GTC Lawyers as a Solicitor and has demonstrated her tireless commitment to achieving great results for her clients ever since.

When she is not working, Deike enjoys cooking, baking and painting as well as walking her dog.

Accreditations & Memberships

Domestic Violence Charges Withdrawn

Our solicitor Ms Kemper made an appearance on behalf of a male in his 20s in the Broadmeadows  Magistrates Court for charges of recklessly causing injury and aggravated assault, in a family violence contest. The maximum penalties for these charges included up to five years imprisonment. 


The accused had no priors and vehemently denied the allegations. However, having struggled to finance the appearance, he was keen to have the matter finalised on the day to avoid incurring additional legal fees. Following a review of the matter, it was advised that the charges be contested and thus adjourned, following conferencing with prosecution. The client ultimately agreed to this.


As the client could not afford subsequent court appearances, Ms Kemper engaged in continued negotiations with prosecution via email, until prosecution agreed to the withdrawal of all charges. The withdrawal of charges occurred without the need for a further court appearance by Ms Kemper or the client. 


Whilst the client did incur additional legal fees beyond those of the first appearance, he avoided a criminal record and the risk of a jail term. This matter shows that it is worthwhile investing in quality representation from the start to ensure the best outcome is achieved.

Client Guilty of Child Pornography Offences Avoids Jail

Our solicitor Ms Deike Kemper represented a 45-year-old male at the Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court on 13 February 2020 in relation to criminal charges for the possession of Child Exploitation Material, namely Child Pornography images and videos.

The case involved unusual circumstances, where after the client lost a phone at a shopping centre, the police became involved because the store manager observed offensive material on the phone. Following an investigation, our client was charged with possession of 32 files across all categories of child abuse material.

Ms Kemper commenced negotiations with Prosecution and was able to get the alleged quantity and categories reduced significantly to 9 files of Category 1, which is the lowest level category of child abuse material. This reduction ultimately enabled the client to be within range for a non-custodial penalty, which would not have been a possibility had the charge proceeded on the initial allegations.

The maximum penalty for this offence 10 years imprisonment. The client was at a significant risk of a term of imprisonment given the nature of the charges, being an illegal billion-dollar international business based on the exploitation of vulnerable members of our communities.

At the initial hearing, the court indicated a clear intention to sentence the male to a term of imprisonment. We were able to adjourn the matter for a period of two weeks, to not only allow the court to consider the material handed up, but also to prepare further submissions.

On the next occasion, the court sentenced the client to a therapy-only Community Corrections Order. This is an unusual and excellent result, not only in the sense that a term of imprisonment was avoided but also in the sense that no punitive unpaid community work condition was imposed.

That result was achieved by the thorough preparation of the matter in negotiations with Prosecution, but also through the adaptive understanding of the court’s view, position and applicable sentencing principles, so as to address the court’s concerns.

This case illustrates the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor like Ms Deike Kemper.

Client Avoids Jail for Family Violence Offences

Our solicitor Ms Deike Kemper represented a 40-year-old male at the Dandenong Magistrates’ Court on 24 January 2020 in relation to charges of intentionally damaging his wife’s motor vehicle and using a carriage service to harass her.

The accused had damaged his wife’s car with scissors, causing damage in excess of $2,000, while she was inside the car with their 9-year-old son. Around the same time, the client had sent a number of significantly harassing and abusive text messages to his wife, all of which were unanswered and which ultimately caused her to fear for their safety.

As the client had come before the court previously, he was at significant risk of receiving an immediate term of imprisonment. He had previously been sentenced to imprisonment some years ago.

Ultimately, we were able to demonstrate to the Magistrate that the client had a significant degree of insight and remorse and had self-implemented therapeutic and support strategies.

Our representation resulted in the Court sentencing him to a fine of $1,500. The court has initially considered a Community Corrections Order and it took the persistent and highly-prepared arguments of Ms Kemper to convince the court to impose a lesser sentence.

The result was achieved by exploring plea material and the preparation of substantiated arguments of mitigating weight being put forward at plea hearing. This case illustrates the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor like Ms Kemper, who will spend significant time preparing your matter to its fullest extent, to ensure the Court is made fully aware of all mitigating factors.

No Conviction For Third Drink Driving Offence

In December 2019, our solicitor Deike Kemper represented a 36-year-old male who was facing charges of low range speeding alongside a charge of refusing to accompany the police for the purpose of an evidentiary breath test.

The client's preliminary breath test indicated the presence of alcohol above the prescribed limit. The accused had originally agreed to accompany the police after being told that failure to do so was a criminal offence punishable by a minimum mandatory licence loss of 24 months. However, upon realising that a licence loss could affect his ability to drive in Victoria as well as in South Australia, he refused to co-operate.

Following lengthy negotiations with prosecutions, Ms Kemper was able to convince them to withdraw the charge of refusing to accompany police and replace it with a lesser charge based on the reading of the preliminary breath test, which carried a mandatory licence loss of 14 months.

A plea of guilty was entered and Ms Kemper was able to persuade the court to impose the minimum licence loss and a no conviction undertaking for a period of three months with the sole condition that the accused did not commit any further offences during that period.

Given this was the accused’s third drink driving offence, this was an excellent result. It speaks to the importance of quality representation commencing as soon as possible upon charges being laid through to the plea hearing, and the value of ensuring that negotiations with prosecutions are as fruitful as possible.

Family Violence Offender Avoids Jail

Our Associate Solicitor Ms Deike Kemper represented a 33-year-old male at the Dandenong Magistrates’ Court in August 2019 in relation to nine charges relating to a number of family violence incidents which occurred in breach of a Family Violence Intervention Order.

The case involved a number of separate incidents spanning a 10 day period with escalating behaviour. Bail was refused by Police and a subsequent bail application was also refused.

At the hearing, the careful preparation of the matter and examination and cross-examination, let to the client being found guilty of only three of the nine charges, with the most serious charges being withdrawn and the factual circumstances supporting the finding of guilt being significantly less serious than those initially alleged.

Through the preparation of supporting materials and elaboration of mitigating circumstances, we were successful in securing a sentence that enabled the immediate release of the client. He was sentenced to a Community Corrections Order.

That result was achieved by the thorough preparation of the matter to maximise the ability to obtain as lenient a sentence as possible. This case illustrates the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor like Ms Kemper, who places the utmost weight on client’s instructions and works extremely hard to achieve the best results for her clients.


by Harley Q. via Google
To the staff at go to court lawyers, specifically Deike and Stephanie for all their hard work and support during a very difficult time, they made everything so painless and took care of everything. I cannot recommend the girls more highly. When my stress hit peak, and I emailed Deike in a panic, her caring nature genuinely came through and I never felt like I was another number or not important, she knew how scared I was and I'm grateful to her for those emails reassuring me and guiding me. The personal touches are what makes these two lawyers amazing. Thank you again for all your hard work and a good outcome for me, it will never be forgotten what you both did.
by Natalie M. via Google
I found my Lawyer (Deike Kemper), to be understanding of my needs. The service was fast, great communication and efficient. Thank you, for all your help.
by Grant Keyser via Google
My lawyer was great, very helpful
by Rodney C. via Google
Easy to deal with and expert advice. Made my first court experience easy and straight forward. I would certainly use Go to court lawyers again.
by Kerry B. via Google
Not knowing what to expect, solicitor arrived with the necessary paperwork for me, he answered all my questions and was able to leave with confidence.
by Donna H. via Google
The lawyer was excellent answered all my questions. Professional yet caring and explained a clear way forward for me.
by N. Numbers via Google
Best money ever spent!!! Never thought I'd say that about a lawyer. Wise and quality information
by F. Tiger via Google
They were great saved my but and my job, I recommend them to anyone.

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