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Jemin holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Western Australia. He has also completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting from Curtin University and holds a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the College of Law.

Jemin was admitted as a Lawyer to the Supreme Court of Western Australia in August 2013 and has experience in civil and commercial law. He regularly appears in various courts and tribunals in Western Australia.

In his free time, Jemin enjoys travelling and playing sport – in particular, he enjoys tennis.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Member of the Law Society of Western Australia

Success Stories and Publications


Immediate Imprisonment Avoided For Grievous Bodily Harm

Our solicitor Jemin Jo represented a man in his late 20s in a District Court sentencing hearing, where the client pleaded guilty to a charge of Aggravated Grievous Bodily Harm.

Ordinarily, grievous bodily harm offences, particularly those of a domestic violence nature, are penalized with an immediate term of imprisonment.

However, as part of his submissions, Mr. Jo was able to present to the court numerous mitigating factors including the man’s personal circumstance, the steps he had taken to address his anger management problems and his prior good character. With the benefit of a favourable pre-sentence report and a psychological report, the Judge sentenced the man to a term of imprisonment for 13 months but suspended the term for a period of 18 months with supervision requirements.

This case illustrates the importance and the value of a solicitor like Jemin Jo in reaching favourable sentencing results.

Term of Immediate Imprisonment Avoided on Indictable Drug Offence

Our solicitor, Jemin Jo, represented a young man who pleaded guilty in the District Court to a number of drug offences including the attempted sale and supply of MDMA.

Charges relating to the sale or supply of drugs are generally penalized with a term of immediate imprisonment. However, in this case, with the benefit of favourable pre-sentence report and psychological report, Mr Jo was able to present to the court numerous mitigating factors including the man’s personal circumstance, young age and steps he had taken to address his drug-related problems.

The sentencing Judge penalized the man with a term of imprisonment of 9 months, which was suspended for a period of 12 months with supervision conditions.

This case illustrates the value of a solicitor like Jemin Jo in reaching a favourable sentencing result.

Withdrawal of Drug Supply Charge

Jemin Jo represented a man in his mid-20s, who was facing two counts of selling or supplying a prohibited drug, namely MDMA.

Mr Jo sought to resolve the matter, making representations to the prosecution for the withdrawal of one charge with the client to plead guilty to the other. However, this was refused and the matter was set to proceed to trial.

On the day before the trial was to commence and after reviewing the brief of evidence, Mr. Jo was able to convince the prosecution to discontinue their prosecution of the first count. An agreement was also reached that the prosecution would not oppose an application to have the conviction for the second count declared spent.

Our client pleaded guilty to one count of supplying a prohibited drug and was sentenced to a fine. The conviction was declared spent, meaning the circumstances in which it would have to be disclosed  was limited.

This case illustrates the importance of good mediatory and negotiation skills and the value of a solicitor like Jemin Jo in reaching favourable plea negotiations. This eliminated any risk of the man being found guilty of both counts if the matter proceeded to trial.

Freezer-Trailer Dispute Finally Ends

Our solicitor, Jemin Jo, represented a corporate client in the District Court of WA matter in a dispute with another company. The opposing company sold 'Freezer-Trailers' as part of their trading operations. Our client had made payment for a number of Freezer-Trailers but the vendor failed to deliver them, arguing, amongst other things, that there was no fixed delivery date nor was it agreed that the vendor would deliver the Trailers to our client's premises, as opposed to their being collected.

Despite months of negotiation between the vendor and our client, GTC Lawyers was ultimately instructed to commence an action in the District Court of Western Australia alleging breach of contract.

Despite certain delays and the cancellation of the first planned mediation conference, a second mediation conference was finally held between the parties. At that conference, the GTS solicitor [Jemin Jo] demonstrated his mediatory and negotiation skills to great effect. By pointing out that the vendor effectively had no substantive defence, having substantially failed to meet their contractual obligations, and by presenting strong evidence on behalf of his client, a favourable result was negotiated and agreed to.

It was agreed that, amongst other things, the vendor would deliver the Freezer-Trailer to our client’s premises at their own cost. In addition, a further confidential settlement sum in damages was agreed to as compensation for the loss and detriment suffered by our client. These were formalised into Court Orders made by the Registrar of the Mediation Conference and are therefore enforceable by the Court.

This case illustrates the importance of good mediatory and negotiation skills and the value of a solicitor like Jemin Jo capable of reaching favourable, enforceable settlement outcomes. In this case, should it have proven impossible to reach a negotiated settlement, the matter would have been remitted to trial. This would have involved a significant increase in legal costs to our client, in addition to the costs associated with the substantial time and effort involved in prosecuting their case.

Bank Attempting to Repossess Client's Home Blocked

Our solicitor Jemin Jo represented a 46-year-old male regarding a Supreme Court of Western Australia matter whereby a bank was attempting to possess a property that the client had owned jointly with his former partner whom he was separated from for more than 2 years.

Upon receiving the Writ of Summons and obtaining legal advice from our office, our client filed a complaint to the Financial Ombudsmen Services (“FOS”).

We were able to successfully convince the bank to suspend the Supreme Court matter until the FOS dispute could be resolved. We relied upon the Banking Code of Practice (“Code”), which the bank was a signatory to, that imposed an obligation that enforcement actions are suspended when a customer makes a complaint to the FOS.

Following this, the client provided a statement of financial position to the bank in which the bank sent an offer to the client which was unacceptable as the repayment amounts that were demanded were unsustainable for our client. The offer was rejected and the matter was referred to a conciliation conference by telephone.

At the conciliation conference, Jemin was able to demonstrate his mediation and negotiation skills. By pointing out several contraventions in the Code by the bank such as the obligation to help its customer work out reasonable repayment plans and to assist them with meeting their obligations and by pointing out the fact that the bank had failed to notify our client of the various alleged defaults despite being a co-owner of the property (the various breach notices were sent to the client’s former partner, hence the client only became aware once proceedings were filed and served on him), a favourable outcome for our client was able to be reached.

The bank agreed to conduct a full valuation of the property at their expense, extend the loan term and even waive their legal costs regarding the enforcement procedure that the bank incurred to date.

This case illustrates the importance of good mediation and negotiation skills and the value of a solicitor like Jemin Jo in reaching favourable settlement outcomes. A favourable settlement outcome can save substantial amounts of money and time for clients that would otherwise lead to continued litigation and uncertain results.


by Anthony I. via Google
Excellent service. Got good advice from Jemin Jo, would use him again 👍🏻
by R. Cattach via Google
Met with Jemin Jo and was so impressed. He was able to give me some great advice. I went into the meeting unsure of where I stood legally but left the meeting feeling a lot more confident with the situation I was facing and felt like everything was going to be okay. If I need to take further legal action, then Jemin will be the lawyer I will be calling on.
by C. Smith via Google
Jemin Jo has been very professional from the start
by G. Wager via Google
A very positive feedback for the excellent advice and help we got from Jemin Jo a couple month back. So far it seems the problems are solved. Many thanks!
by Dale D. via Google
Excellent representation and the best outcome I could have asked for. Went to court for a driving while suspended charge, fantastic during the whole ordeal. Not only was the fine waived, but more importantly I was able to keep my license and stay on the road.
by "Rekke" via Google
Great and easy to work with, very professional and achieved the best possible outcome for my case. Thank you
by H. David via Google
My Lawyer was great! They were respectful towards our situation and took the time to understand our complex situation and gave us helpful advice.
by Jason A. via Google
I found our lawyer to be very insightful and helpful she explained everything in ways we understood and made the whole experience as stress free as possible

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