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Jordan holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (with Distinction) majoring in History from the University of Wollongong. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Australian National University and is admitted as a Lawyer to the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Jordan has a special interest in family and criminal law, as well as a passion for social justice. She assisted in the establishment of the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Support Society at the University of Wollongong, later holding the position of Secretary within that organisation.

Jordan is widely experienced in all areas of law. She understands and listens to her client’s needs. Jordan appreciates the importance of honesty and integrity and is committed to providing legal advice that is sound and easy to understand.

Outside of the practice of law, Jordan is an avid sports fan, enjoying the NRL, Cricket, and Baseball. She is also a self-confessed bookworm.

Jordan is easy to approach and is always more than happy to assist her clients with any questions or concerns they have.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Member of the Law Society of New South Wales

Success Stories and Publications

Property Matter Settled Despite Missing Limitation Period

Our solicitor Jordan Vincent represented a 33-year-old mother at the Federal Circuit Court in Parramatta in relation to a family law property matter in August 2017.

The client had been divorced for over 12 months and was restricted by statute from filing an Application seeking a property adjustment.

Ms Vincent succeeded in obtaining leave from the court for the application to be heard and after a period of negotiations, was able to settle the matter. Orders were made that were just and equitable in the circumstances and all outstanding issues were resolved.

No License Suspension For Excessive Speed Offence

Our solicitor, Jordan Vincent, represented a 34-year-old mother at Liverpool Local Court in May 2017 in relation to a charge of Exceed Speed, over 30km/h. The maximum penalty for this offence is a $2200 fine and 3 months disqualification from driving. This offence also carries with it 5 demerit points and typically results in the automatic suspension of your licence for 3 months.

Our client had a chequered traffic record, and if convicted, would not only receive 3 months disqualification, but would also be demerit point suspended for a further 3 months.

Ms. Vincent advised the client to attend the Traffic Offenders Program and gather references in support of her exceptional need for a licence.

We submitted that our client’s need for a driver's licence exceeded that of the average  person and that our client, after attending the Traffic Offenders Program fully understood the need to adhere to speed limits.

The court dealt with the matter without recording a conviction, on condition that our client enter into a good behaviour bond for a 12 month period. Our client was able to retain her licence and continue driving.

No Conviction For Drink Driving Offence

Our solicitor Jordan Vincent represented a 31-year-old male at Parramatta Local Court in November 2018 in relation to a charge of Drive with Mid-Range BAC. The maximum penalty for this offence is a $2200 fine, 9 months imprisonment and 12 months disqualification from driving.

Our client had no criminal record, though his traffic record was by no means unblemished. Our client relied heavily on his licence for his employment in construction. His licence was automatically suspended after the offence.

Ms. Vincent advised the client to attend the Traffic Offenders Program and gather references in support of his good character.

We submitted that following the suspension of his licence, the client had acknowledged that his licence was a privilege and not a right and indicated his remorse for placing himself and the community at risk.

The court dealt with the matter without recording a conviction, on condition that our client enter into a good behaviour bond for a period of 12 months. Our client was able to resume driving after confirming the suspension of his licence was lifted and was not required to spend any more time off the road


Jordan Vincent was very helpful and easy to work with and made the entire situation less stressful then it was before I sat down with her I highly recommend her for any legal needs you may have Brian
by Alex R. via Google
Excellent and informative web site, efficient phone service, lawyer professional, clear, good advice, clear direction and way forward. Appreciate the professional and wonderful support.
by Daniel W. via Google
Great Human Being, fantastic lawyer. I arrived full of anxiety and questions, left with a rock solid, literally bankable solution. Thank you.
by R. Kennedy via Google
Wonderful! VERY quick response. Appt made the next day. Total grasp of my situation and a plan put in place straight away.
by Melissa J. via Google
Thank you for working with Joshua and I to achieve a favourable outcome given the start he got off to. We are very pleased with your efforts and would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody in the same situation. All the very best.
by "Psymoss" via Google
Knowledgeable staff, my Lawer, knew exactly what to do every step of the way and I ended up getting off on a section 10 as hoped for. Couldn't be happier! Thanks guys
by Ali D. via Google
Very informative. Great advice and very straight forward and honest about things.
by N. Numbers via Google
Best money ever spent!!! Never thought I'd say that about a lawyer. Wise and quality information

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