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Kerry holds a Bachelor of Laws with Honours from Deakin University, and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice with the Australian College of Law. She is admitted as a lawyer to the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Kerry also holds a Bachelor of Education (Secondary), a Masters degree in Education from Deakin University, and a Diploma in Carbon Management from Swinburne University.

Kerry has come to the legal profession after more than 25 years of working across multiple industries including education, commercial settings, and consultancy. She uses the wide breadth of skill and knowledge gained from the many diverse industries into which she has contributed to look at legal issues from an angle that other lawyers may not use and utilises her many business and personal skills to assist clients in gaining satisfactory resolutions that are fair and equitable.

Kerry practices in civil law, criminal law, and family law but is also highly skilled in managing succession law matters (wills and estates, powers of attorney).

When not working to help her many clients, Kerry enjoys travelling, reading, a hit of tennis, and time with family.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Member of the Law Institute of Victoria
  • Member of Victorian Women Lawyers

Success Stories and Publications

No Conviction and Fine for Serious Offences

Our solicitor Kerry Schroeder represented a 28-year-old male at the Magistrates Court in the  Latrobe Valley in August 2018  in relation to multiple charges, including reckless conduct endangering life, reckless conduct endangering serious injury, and multiple drink driving offences.

The case involved the young man excessively drinking, with a blood alcohol content over 0.2 at the time his breath test was conducted. The maximum penalty for reckless conduct endangering serious injury is 15 years imprisonment and magistrates also commonly hand down sentences of imprisonment for serious drink driving offences.

Our representation resulted in the court fining our client the sum of $1,500, without conviction, and imposing only the mandatory period of license suspension.

That result was achieved because Ms Schroeder prepared the matter carefully and engaged in sustained negotiations with prosecution.

This case illustrates the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor like Kerry Schroeder who will do everything to ensure her clients receive the best possible outcome.

$28,000 Fines Reduced to $2840

Our solicitor Kerry Schroeder represented a 29-year-old woman  at the Melbourne Magistrates Court in October 2018 in relation to an application for the revocation of over $28,000 worth of fines.

During a period of great family trauma, our young client had collected over 80 fines and infringement notices that had gone unpaid. She had found the mounting financial pressure overwhelming and had allowed the fines to accumulate. The administration costs had also accumulated until the amount owing was over $28,000.

Our client was at risk of having her car and possessions taken by the Sherriff to cover the fines. The Prosecution opposed her application to have the fines revoked, but our representation resulted in the court revoking all but one of the Fines, and reducing her debt to only $2,840.00, which she could pay through a payment arrangement with Fines Victoria.

This case illustrates the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor like Kerry Schroeder, who will look at your matter from a problem solving perspective.

High Range Drink Driving Charge Withdrawn

Kerry Schroeder assisted a 40-year-old male listed to appear in the Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court on 27 April 2018 in relation to driving a motor vehicle with a BAC of 0.155. The allegations were that the accused had crashed his car into a tree, after excessive drinking. A neighbour picked him up, returned him home and reported him to police.

When the police questioned the accused at his residence, he admitted consuming copious amounts of alcohol and crashing his car after doing so. The preliminary breath test at the client’s residence indicated a BAC of 0.155, which was confirmed by the test taken at the police station. However, there was an issue with the timing of the second test. The police sought to deal with this by obtaining a forensic medical report which suggested that at the time of the incident our client’s BAC was likely in the range of 0.187% to 0.220%.

The maximum penalty for a drink driving offence at this level is a mandatory licence disqualification for a minimum period of 15 months and a fine of up to $1,902.84. The offender is required to attend court to obtain a Licence Eligibility Order, before approaching VicRoads to begin the process of having his licence reinstated. He would then be required to use an alcohol interlock for a period set by the court.

Because of the issue with the second test taken from our client, Kerry was able to get the drink driving charge withdrawn. Police conceded their case was weak and the client did not even need to attend court.

This result was achieved by carefully scrutinising and analysing the available material and evidence and preparing solid arguments based on the legislation and case law. The case illustrates the importance of quality representation, and the value of a solicitor like Kerry Schroeder, who will delve deeply into the available material to assist in your matter.


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