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Kristen holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (Political Science and Sociology) from Victoria University. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Australian National University. Kristen is admitted as a solicitor in the Supreme Court of Victoria and the High Court of Australia.

Following admission to practice, Kristen worked exclusively in the areas of civil and succession law, mainly focusing on litigated matters, and matters relating to insolvency and estate disputes. Kristen has a passion for advocacy and has appeared in both State and Federal courts.

Kristen is now the Go To Court Lawyers’ State Civil Senior and the Succession Senior for Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Kristen has also developed a strong Criminal Law practice and has developed a wide skill base in advocacy and obtains great outcomes for her clients.

In her spare time, Kristen enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her dog, Ninja.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Member of the Law Institute of Victoria

Success Stories and Publications

Successful Application to United Kingdom Gender Recognition Panel

Solicitor Kristen Moore successfully represented a client wishing to have his gender changed on his overseas birth certificate. The client had attempted to get assistance from other solicitors but had been unable to find anyone familiar with this area of law.

The client was born female in the UK and moved to Australia over 30 years ago. From a young age, he experienced gender dysphoria and desired to transition from a female to a male. The client began hormone therapy in 2014, and in 2015 the client underwent sex affirmation surgeries. The client applied for a Gender Recognition Certificate to the Gender Recognition Panel, a tribunal in the UK, in October 2015. The application was declined.

In Victoria, if you are over 18 years old, unmarried, and have undergone sex affirmation surgery, you can apply to the Registry for a Recognised Details Certificate. This certificate will state your current registered name and sex after the surgery, and verification from two medical practitioners that you have undergone sex affirmation surgery. The UK’s Gender Recognition Panel has similar requirements but had declined our client’s application because they did not accept the evidence that had been filed.

Our client wished Ms Moore to make another application to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate.  In resubmitting the application, Ms Moore corresponded with the Victorian Births, Deaths and Marriages Office, which prepared a letter to the Gender Recognition Panel in support of our client. The application was successful and our client was able to have his gender status recognised, receive a Gender Recognition Certificate and his UK Birth Certificate with his amended name and gender. He was then able to obtain a UK Passport with his updated name and gender.

This case highlights the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor such as Kristen Moore, whose dedication to the causes of her clients ensures that their matters are dealt with in the best possible way.

Withdrawal of Unlawful Assault Charge

Kristen Moore successfully negotiated for the withdrawal of a charge of unlawful assault against a 34-year-old Werribee client in April 2018. The prosecution alleged that the man had assaulted his former partner and a Family Violence Safety Notice was sought against him by the Victorian Police.

At the time of the alleged offence our client had no prior convictions. The application for the Family Violence Safety notice was subsequently struck out by the court.

Ms Moore entered into discussions with the prosecution and argued that the assault charge should be withdrawn. Ms Moore pointed out weaknesses in the prosecution case, noting in particular that the intervention order application in relation to the same incident had been struck out. The prosecution agreed to withdraw the assault charge.

Ms Moore paid careful attention to our client’s personal circumstances and collected a large amount of evidence to support her argument that the charge should be withdrawn.

This outcome illustrates the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor like Kristen Moore, who pays careful attention to detail and works hard to ensure that the case is presented in a way that ensures the best possible outcome.

Bail Granted Where No Presumption of Bail

On 3 February 2018, Kristen Moore of our Werribee office succeeded in obtaining bail for a 40-year-old male in the Victorian Magistrates Court.

The man had been charged with an indictable offence while on bail for other offending and therefore there was no presumption of bail in this case, which involved allegations of assault and breaches of an intervention order.

Despite the absence of a presumption of bail in our client’s favour, the court granted bail on strict conditions pending the hearing of his charges.

To achieve this result, Kristin presented the court with her client’s instructions as to the circumstances of the offending, including the client’s responsibilities as the financial provider for his family, his previous misunderstanding of his bail conditions and the absence of any prior criminal history.

This case illustrates the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor like Kristen Moore, who was able to understand her client’s circumstances and apply the principles surrounding bail applications in a manner that persuaded the court that granting bail to her client would not pose a risk to society.

Bail for Client Where There Was No Presumption of Bail

Our solicitor Kristen Moore represented a 40-year-old male in the Victorian Magistrate Court seeking that her client be granted bail.

This case involved a client who as committed an indictable offence while on bail and as such there was no presumption of bail in his favour.

The case involved allegations of assault and breaches of an intervention order.

Our representation resulted in the Court granting bail to our client on strict conditions pending the hearing of his charges.

That result was achieved by presenting the court with circumstances, including the client’s role as financial provider for his family, his previous misunderstanding of the conditions of his bail and his otherwise lack of criminal history.

This case illustrates the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor like Kristen Moore  who was able to understand that circumstances of her client and use apply these to the technical legal principles surrounding bail applications in a manner that illustrated to the court that granting bail to her client would not pose a risk to the greater society.

Corrections Order For Tow-Truck Driver

Solicitor Kristen Moore represented a Pearcedale tow-truck driver who collected and hoarded cars that he "found" on the side of the road in a case that the Magistrate described as "unusual" and "remarkable".

The man was charged with theft after 31 stolen cars were found on a property where he had towed and dumped them after collecting them from various sites around Melbourne. In a highly unusual defence, the man alleged that he was of the view that the vehicles had been abandoned by their owners and that he was acting in the interests of the community by removing them free of charge. He did not attempt to profit by the removal of the vehicles, despite that some were late model vehicles in working condition, and this worked strongly in his favour when seeking the Court's clemency. Investigators found dozens of other vehicles on the property that had not been reported as stolen or could not be identified.

The Defendant was sentenced to a 12-month Community Corrections Order and must complete 150 hours of Community Service.

This case demonstrates how high-quality legal representation by a solicitor of Kristen Moore's caliber can assist to persuade the Court that leniency can be appropriate where the circumstances warrant it. In this case, the offender was under the mistaken belief that he was acting in accordance with the law, and the sentence reflected those facts. This successful outcome was made possible through the hard work and diligence shown by his GTC solicitor, Kristen Moore.


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