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Laura Mitchell_Solicitor_Go To Court lawyersLaura holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology from the University of Tasmania. She also holds a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law and is admitted as a Lawyer to the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Laura began her legal experience through volunteering with the Student Legal Service offering free advice to students, and through a clerkship in the conveyancing team of a law firm in Hobart, where she also assisted with family law matters. SHe also volunteered at a Prisoner Legal Service assisting other solicitors attempting to obtain parole for eligible inmates.

Laura has a strong focus on family law, criminal and traffic law, although looks to broaden her knowledge into migration and civil law. She takes a friendly and compassionate approach with clients and is dedicated to ensuring that her clients understand the legal process. Laura works hard to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients.

Outside of work, Laura enjoys participating in a variety of sports, including netball, futsal, and swimming. She also volunteers as a Surf Life Saver, and participates in Inflatable Rescue Boat Racing, competing for her local surf club at beaches around Australia.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Member of the Queensland Law Society
  • Member of the Sunshine Coast Law Association

Success Stories and Publications

Probation and No Conviction for Breach Domestic Violence Order

Our solicitor Laura Mitchell represented a client who was charged with contravening a Domestic Violence Order by choking his partner. He engaged us after the matter had been listed for a contested facts hearing by his previous legal representative. We succeeded in negotiating with the prosecution to amend the facts and avoided the need to go to hearing.

At sentencing, the prosecution sought a penalty of nine months imprisonment, wholly suspended. This would have resulted in a criminal conviction automatically being recorded against our client. We submitted that whilst a wholly suspended custodial sentence was within range for the offence according to relevant case law, the court could consider the defendant’s significant mitigating factors and prospects of rehabilitation and order a period of probation instead. This also meant that the court could exercise its discretion as to whether to order a conviction.

The Magistrate sentenced the client to two years’ probation. No criminal conviction was recorded.

Parenting Matter Resolved With Consent Orders

Our solicitor Laura Mitchell represented the father in a family law matter, where the mother was withholding the child. We initiated proceedings to seek time with the child. The mother's legal team was unwilling to agree under any circumstances for our client to have overnight time with the child.

After lengthy negotiations, Ms Mitchell was able to convince the mother to agree on time with the father each alternate weekend from Friday to Sunday. This was the arrangement our client had wanted. This agreement avoided the need for the matter to proceed to an interim hearing and orders were handed up by consent.

Client Charged With Wounding

Our solicitor Laura Mitchell represented a client charged with the indictable offence of Wounding by hitting a victim in the face with a glass bottle. Case law suggests that anyone using glass as weapon should serve actual time in custody, not just a suspended sentence.

Ms Mitchell made detailed submissions about her client's history as a victim of Domestic Violence. Judge noted that ordinarily he should be sentencing her to jail, however in the circumstances presented to the court, he would order a sentence of 18 months imprisonment, with immediate parole.  

The client's mother sent us the following message, “thank you for my daughter back, what can I say, have no words. Thank you again”

The client sent Ms Mitchell this message: “I get to go home…thank you so much for everything”

Driving Under the Influence

Our solicitor Laura Mitchell represented a client charged with driving with a  BAC of 0.247. He was facing a licence disqualification period of 12 to 15 months even taking into account his significant mitigating factors.

Ms Mitchell made detailed submissions, recommending rehabilitation courses the client could undertake. The client was sentenced to a fine of $600 and disqualification period of six months. The client sent the following email:

“I just wanted to say thank you for representing my case so well today.  The outcome could have been much worse, as you previously indicated it might, but your presentation of mitigating factors and advice re ‘Time For Change’ program etc contributed immensely.

No Conviction For Impersonating a Police Officer

Our solicitor Laura Turner assisted a client who pleaded guilty to impersonating a police officer by showing a wallet with a fake badge to a bar owner.

Prosecution sought a period of imprisonment given the concerning nature of the offending and what could have occurred had the client not been apprehended.

Mrs Turner pointed out to the Magistrate that the court must only sentence the client on what he did do, not what he could have done. Mrs Turner made submissions in relation to why the client had done what he had done, that it was out of character and that there was no harmed caused by his behaviour. The client was sentenced to a fine with no conviction recorded.

Suspended Sentence for Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm

Our solicitor Laura Turner represented a client charged with Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm, after headbutting a colleague and breaking his nose, which required surgery.

The matter was listed for a contested fact hearing as the acts alleged by the prosecution were inconsistent with the client's instructions. However, as there is always a chance that a contested fact hearing will go in favour of the prosecution, Mrs Turner continued to negotiate with prosecutions to reach a resolution. This was successful, and the facts were amended in accordance with the client's instructions.

Mrs Turner advised the client to  obtain a mental health plan and character references. The client had a history of violent offences and was at a serious risk of serving actual time. The case law suggested that, given his prior offending, the client would expect a head sentence of 12 – 18 months. Prosecution submitted that some actual time in custody ought to be served. Mrs Turner made detailed submission regarding the mitigating factors and provided case law to persuade the court that a suspended sentence was within range. The Magistrate accepted her submissions and sentenced the client to 14 months imprisonment, wholly suspended for 3 years.

Charge of Making A Threat to Kill Withdrawn

Our solicitor Laura Turner assisted a client charged with making a threat to kill. The prosecution facts alleged that the client had called a friend and left a voicemail message where he threatened to ‘hunt down’ another person and ‘slit their throat’.

The client had been intoxicated at the time and did not have a clear memory of the phone call. However, he was adamant he would not say those words.

Mrs Turner sought disclosure materials from the prosecution, and confirmed that her client did not in fact say those words. A submission was sent to prosecution outlining the concerns that the facts alleged were inconsistent with the evidence and that the charge should be withdrawn. The prosecution agreed to withdraw the charge and our client was discharged.


by Anita G. via Google
Laura Mitchell was incredible. With very short notice given she made me feel confident that my case was in good hands. She was very knowledgeable and professional, will definitely recommend her to anyone needing advice or representation.
by Jerome G. via Google
Excellent service, very competent lawyer, sharp understanding of case and very accurate advice.
by Liase M. via Google
Very helpful, offered good advice and sent through some follow up information via email.
by Grant Keyser via Google
My lawyer was great, very helpful
by Jeffrey C. via Google
I could not be more pleased with the support and legal representation I received from Tara. She was wonderful. My result at court was exceptional and delighted us all, the matter was totally dismissed without any penalty thanks to Tara. Thank You again Jeff
by Jules Z. via Google
My experience was great! Very helpful supportive and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend
by H. Spider via Google
Talk about Serendipity! Couldn't have wished for a more helpful & motivated lawyer. Yes - peace of mind!
by Darryl B. via Google
Very professional service with great people

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