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Laura Mitchell_Solicitor_Go To Court lawyersLaura holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology from the University of Tasmania. She also holds a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law and is admitted as a Lawyer to the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Laura began her legal experience through volunteering with the Student Legal Service offering free advice to students, and through a clerkship in the conveyancing team of a law firm in Hobart, where she also assisted with family law matters. SHe also volunteered at a Prisoner Legal Service assisting other solicitors attempting to obtain parole for eligible inmates.

Laura has a strong focus on family law, criminal and traffic law, although looks to broaden her knowledge into migration and civil law. She takes a friendly and compassionate approach with clients and is dedicated to ensuring that her clients understand the legal process. Laura works hard to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients.

Outside of work, Laura enjoys participating in a variety of sports, including netball, futsal, and swimming. She also volunteers as a Surf Life Saver, and participates in Inflatable Rescue Boat Racing, competing for her local surf club at beaches around Australia.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Member of the Queensland Law Society
  • Member of the Sunshine Coast Law Association

Success Stories and Publications

Probation and No Conviction for Breach Domestic Violence Order

Our solicitor Laura Mitchell represented a client who was charged with contravening a Domestic Violence Order by choking his partner. He engaged us after the matter had been listed for a contested facts hearing by his previous legal representative. We succeeded in negotiating with the prosecution to amend the facts and avoided the need to go to hearing.

At sentencing, the prosecution sought a penalty of nine months imprisonment, wholly suspended. This would have resulted in a criminal conviction automatically being recorded against our client. We submitted that whilst a wholly suspended custodial sentence was within range for the offence according to relevant case law, the court could consider the defendant’s significant mitigating factors and prospects of rehabilitation and order a period of probation instead. This also meant that the court could exercise its discretion as to whether to order a conviction.

The Magistrate sentenced the client to two years’ probation. No criminal conviction was recorded.

Parenting Matter Resolved With Consent Orders

Our solicitor Laura Mitchell represented the father in a family law matter, where the mother was withholding the child. We initiated proceedings to seek time with the child. The mother's legal team was unwilling to agree under any circumstances for our client to have overnight time with the child.

After lengthy negotiations, Ms Mitchell was able to convince the mother to agree on time with the father each alternate weekend from Friday to Sunday. This was the arrangement our client had wanted. This agreement avoided the need for the matter to proceed to an interim hearing and orders were handed up by consent.

Client Charged With Wounding

Our solicitor Laura Mitchell represented a client charged with the indictable offence of Wounding by hitting a victim in the face with a glass bottle. Case law suggests that anyone using glass as weapon should serve actual time in custody, not just a suspended sentence.

Ms Mitchell made detailed submissions about her client's history as a victim of Domestic Violence. Judge noted that ordinarily he should be sentencing her to jail, however in the circumstances presented to the court, he would order a sentence of 18 months imprisonment, with immediate parole.  

The client's mother sent us the following message, “thank you for my daughter back, what can I say, have no words. Thank you again”

The client sent Ms Mitchell this message: “I get to go home…thank you so much for everything”

Driving Under the Influence

Our solicitor Laura Mitchell represented a client charged with driving with a  BAC of 0.247. He was facing a licence disqualification period of 12 to 15 months even taking into account his significant mitigating factors.

Ms Mitchell made detailed submissions, recommending rehabilitation courses the client could undertake. The client was sentenced to a fine of $600 and disqualification period of six months. The client sent the following email:

“I just wanted to say thank you for representing my case so well today.  The outcome could have been much worse, as you previously indicated it might, but your presentation of mitigating factors and advice re ‘Time For Change’ program etc contributed immensely.

Charge Withdrawn in Drugs Matter

Our solicitor Laura Turner represented a client charged with possession of cannabis, and possession of property suspected of being proceeds of a drug offence ($1300 cash). She made a written submission to police prosection and provided evidence to support the withdrawal of the proceeds charge. Our client ultimately pleaded guilty to the possession of drugs charge and the proceeds charge with withdrawn by prosecution.

Fully Suspended Sentence for Drug Charges

Our solicitor Laura Turner represented a client charged on indictment with nine counts of supplying dangerous drugs, namely methylamphetamine. She was sentenced before the District Court.

The Department of Public Prosecutions sought a head sentence of two years, with the client to serve eight months. Case law suggested that a term of actual imprisonment was within range.

Ms Turner made detailed submissions and provided His Honour with supporting documentation, seeking that the client be sentenced to a wholly suspended sentence. The client was sentenced to a head sentence of 12 months imprisonment, wholly suspended for an operational period of two years.

Domestic Violence Matter Successfully Resolved

Our solicitor Laura Turner acted for the husband in a Police Protection Application. The client had originally called police for assistance due to the wife’s aggression, but the police applied for an order against the husband. The police sought an ouster order for the husband to leave the matrimonial home and for the wife to return home with the children.

On behalf of the husband, Ms Turner made a cross application for protection and filed a detailed affidavit. The Magistrate made an order against the husband but made no ouster order and he remained in the former matrimonial home. The husband withdrew his cross application.

Two Clients Avoid Convictions for Charges of Failing to Report

Our solicitor Laura Turner assisted two clients who were both charged with failing to comply with reporting obligations under child protection legislation. They had both been charged based on the same set of facts. Both clients, at different times, advised that they did report but it appeared there had been a technical error.

The first client proceeded to a summary hearing. The Magistrate determined that the evidence before the court showed that the client's story was credible and that they did in fact report online in August 2018.  His Honour found the client not guilty.

Ms Turner then sent a submission to the prosecution on behalf of the second client advising we would seek costs should they proceed to a hearing, given the court's decision in respect of the first client.

Prosecution withdrew the charges against the second client.

Client Found Not Guilty in Traffic Matter

Our solicitor Laura Turner represented a client who pleaded not guilty to driving whilst disqualifed by a court order. The client's neighbours had alleged that he was doing burnouts while driving on a public road. Our client instructed he did burnouts on private property and did not drive on a public road whilst disqualified.

The matter proceeded to a summary hearing, where the prosecution witnesses were cross-examined, and defence witnesses gave evidence. The Magistrate determined that the prosecution had not proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt, and found the defendant not guilty.


by Anita G. via Google
Laura Mitchell was incredible. With very short notice given she made me feel confident that my case was in good hands. She was very knowledgeable and professional, will definitely recommend her to anyone needing advice or representation.
by R. Norris via Google
We’d like to thank the team for being so wonderful and dedicated to their jobs. Very helpful, patient and always found an answer for our questions/concerns. Couldn't be happier with the service.
by Tanya S. via Google
Very helpful, friendly and professional. I would highly recommend to anyone.
by "Psymoss" via Google
Knowledgeable staff, my Lawer, knew exactly what to do every step of the way and I ended up getting off on a section 10 as hoped for. Couldn't be happier! Thanks guys
by Dominic B. via Google
One of the best Lawyers I've met. Engaging, professional and knowledgeable with a grasp of the technical and legal ethics involved in my case. Flexible payment options( very important for lesser mortals like us!)I will absolutely recommend this lawyer & organisation to my friends and family.
by N. Numbers via Google
Best money ever spent!!! Never thought I'd say that about a lawyer. Wise and quality information
by Bethany H. via Google
Incredibly professional and effective firm. I could not have asked for a better outcome. These guys are awesome.
by Trebeany via Google
Kept things simple for us and did a great job on the day. Very happy with the result. 🙂

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