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Madeline Clarke holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from La Trobe University and obtained a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law. Madeline is admitted to practice law in the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Madeline is particularly interested in drug use and mental health and their intersection with criminal law. She wrote her Honours thesis on Drug Induced Psychosis and Criminal Responsibility and before joining Go To Court Lawyers, was doing research into methamphetamine use with Monash University and the Burnet Institute.

Madeline has a keen interest in family law and has a passion for advocating for clients, providing them practical support and facilitating timely and cost-effective outcomes.

Madeline also enjoys the challenges of civil law including succession matters (wills and estates) and litigation.

In her spare time, Madeline enjoys Italian food, mindfulness meditation and spending time with family and friends.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Member of the Victorian Law Society

Success Stories and Publications

Fine Without Conviction for Animal Cruelty Offences

Our solicitor Madeline Clarke represented a 37 year old woman charged with several animal cruelty offences at Geelong Magistrates’ Court .

The client was charged with three offences, the most serious of which carries a maximum penalty of 2 years imprisonment. The allegations were in relation to one of the three horses owned by the client. The horse had become unwell and quickly lost weight. Subsequently the animal was euthanised, as it had become malnourished to the extent that it was unable to walk.

Prior to the matter coming before the Court, Ms Clarke case conferenced the matter with the Prosecuting Agency (the RSPCA), where she was able to negotiate the withdrawal of the two most serious offences. When the matter came before the court, Ms Clarke made submissions about the client’s otherwise good character, and the circumstances which lead her to become overwhelmed by many competing things in her life with the result that she had neglected to provide adequate care for her animals.

The client had no criminal record and worked in a profession which meant that a conviction would have a significant effect on her future work prospects. Ms Clarke made submissions to the court that the accused was of otherwise good character, and that despite the seriousness of the offence, asked the court to have regard to the effect a conviction would have on her capacity to support herself and her family.

After considering Ms Clarke’s submissions, the court ordered the client pay a fine of $1,000.00, and was persuaded not to impose a conviction for the offence.

This case demonstrates the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor like Madeline Clarke who takes the time to reflect on her clients’ circumstances and will work hard to ensure that their case is prepared and presented in a way that ensures the court gives full effect to every factor in their favour.

Adjourned Undertaking for Second Drink Driving Offence

Our solicitor Madeline Clarke represented a 24 year old woman at the Werribee Magistrates’ Court charged with her second high-range drink driving offence.The client had previously been found guilty of a drink driving offence and had her licence disqualified for some time. She also had prior convictions for driving whilst disqualified.

The maximum penalty for a second drink driving offence is 6 months imprisonment. This type of offending behaviour is treated particularly seriously, as courts often take the view that the penalty for a subsequent offence must be greater than the first.

Ms Clarke made submissions about the client's personal circumstances, which included the sudden death of a family member in the years prior. She explained to the court that the client’s use of alcohol had become a means of dealing with unresolved grief, and that she had since sought psychological support to manage this behaviour.

The court was persuaded by Ms Clarke’s submissions, and ordered that the client enter a 12-month adjourned undertaking without conviction. The undertaking required the client to continue seeing her psychologist and make a small donation to the court fund.

This result was achieved by a combination of solicitor experience, detailed case preparation and the determination to ensure that our client’s voice be heard. This case illustrates the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor like Madeline Clarke who will always fight for the best outcomes for her clients.

No Conviction for Handling Stolen Goods

Our solicitor Ms Madeline Clarke represented a 37-year-old male charged with handling stolen goods at the Geelong Magistrates’ Court .

The client had for some time been selling Australian-made baby formula to overseas consumers and would purchase this on his buyers’ behalf as ordered. The client was approached by a man who claimed to have purchased the wrong type of baby formula, and having lost the receipt, was unable to return it. The client agreed to buy the tins of formula at slightly below retail price. The man continued to visit the client with further tins until the client became aware that the products may have been stolen. However due to a language barrier and other factors, the client failed to make any further inquiries.

Our representation resulted in an adjourned undertaking with the conditions that our client must be of a good behaviour for the period of one year. No conviction was recorded.

That result was achieved by preparing the case thoroughly, paying careful attention to our client’s personal circumstances and collecting material to demonstrate that he was otherwise of good character. We also made submissions to the Court that the offending occurred over a short period, the client gained only a slight financial benefit and that he was fully cooperative with police and was entering a guilty plea at the earliest opportunity.

This case illustrates the importance of quality representation and the value of a solicitor like Ms Clarke who will ensure every matter is thoroughly prepared and presented in a way that ensures the court gives full effect to every factor in the client’s favour.


by M. Prithiby via Google
Top work guys, you’ve got some great Lawyers working for you, helped out massively with my passport issue. Couldn’t be happier with the outcome. “Illegal immigrant” no more. Great work! Highly recommended.
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Being able to gain some initial advice on the phone and then being able to book someone for the same day for an hour was fantastic. We were not pressured to front up with a heap of money and were given the option on whether or not to engage them. We were able to make decisions and they were happy to inform us of the process and encouraged us to handle the areas that we could ourselves to help reduce cost.
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Super helpful and put me totally at ease with a delicate situation.
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Very informative Answered every question I had.
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Professional, courteous, diligent and above all patient! Could not fault. Always had my best interests at heart.genuinely felt they were doing their very best to achieve the highest possible outcome for me. A happy customer.
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great advice, clear direction...
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Not knowing what to expect, solicitor arrived with the necessary paperwork for me, he answered all my questions and was able to leave with confidence.
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Thanks for your help in making this much more of a stress free situation. I will deffinantly recommend.

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