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Rebecca Walker graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2015 with a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Studies). During her time at University, Rebecca achieved first prize in the Trial Advocacy unit and represented her law school at Australasian competitions for mooting and trial advocacy.

In 2016, Rebecca completed her Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at the College of Law in Perth and in September 2016, Rebecca was admitted to the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

Prior to joining the team at Go To Court Lawyers, Rebecca worked for a prestigious boutique law firm in Perth, specialising in family and criminal law.

Outside of work, Rebecca volunteers as a mentor to young law students and a judge for the Notre Dame Law Students’ Society competitions. Over the last 12 months, Rebecca has helped the Notre Dame Law Students’ Society introduce a competition for junior students.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Member of the Law Society of Western Australia


Property Matter Resolved By Consent

Our solicitor Rebecca Walker represented a 70-year-old woman in relation to a matrimonial property matter.  The client and her husband had recently separated after being together for 50 years.

Rebecca personally met with the client who was seeking advice on how to divide the asset pool so that she and her ex-husband could move forward separately in life.   The only major assets were a small home, and modest superannuation.

As a result of Rebecca’s advice, the client met with her husband and together they came to an agreement.

Rebecca then prepared a Form 11 Application for Consent Orders containing the parties’ agreement and lodged this with the Family Court of WA.   The court approved the settlement, bringing an end to the parties’ financial relationship.

The parties avoided lengthy and costly legal proceedings.

External Mediation resulting Matrimonial Property Settlement

Our solicitor Rebecca Walker represented a 60-year-old woman in a Family Law Matter. The client had separated from her husband after 10 years of marriage.

The client's husband was represented by experienced legal counsel. After both parties got the foundations of their individual cases down in the Family Court of WA, they agreed to attend external mediation with an experienced mediator.

The parties spent 8 hours negotiating. Rebecca, the solicitor for the Husband, and the mediator, worked together to assist the parties. The parties eventually came to an agreement on the asset pool, understanding one another’s position at law, and signed Final Minute of Consent Orders.

The parties avoided having their matter proceed to trial, which would have cost them thousands in legal fees.

This case illustrates the value of having a practical solicitor like Rebecca Walker during mediation. Rebecca’s common-sense approach backed by her family law knowledge resulted in a final settlement and a satisfied client.

No Case to Answer & Costs Award in Assault Matter

Our solicitor Rebecca Walker represented a young, professional man facing one count of Common Assault in Circumstances of Aggravation. It was alleged by the complainant that when she was in a relationship with our client, he had assaulted her in public.

Rebecca was engaged to represent the client at trial.

At trial, Rebecca made a ‘No Case to Answer’ submission. A ‘No Case To Answer’ submission is successful where the prosecution’s case, taken at its highest, is insufficient to support a finding of guilt. Rebecca’s submission was grounded in the fact that the only two witnesses called by the Prosecution provided two completely different stories with zero similarities.

As a result of Rebecca’s submission, our client was acquitted of the charge and received a costs award of $8,000.

This case illustrates the value of a legal representation at a trial hearing. Rebecca’s criminal law knowledge and her strong advocacy skills led to an acquittal and a costs award which essentially returned all the funds our client had contributed towards his legal fees.

Spent Conviction Order for Elderly Client

Our solicitor Rebecca Walker represented an elderly man who was being prosecuted by the Department of Fisheries. The client was fishing at his local spot where he accepted ‘bait’ from a fellow fisherman.  Unfortunately for our client, the bait was an undersized fish of a protected species. A Fisheries Officers caught the client with the fish in his possession, and issued him with a fine.

Rebecca was engaged to represent the client at his sentencing hearing.

On the day of sentencing, our client plead guilty and Rebecca presented a plea in mitigation and made an application for a Spent Conviction Order. This is an order that is most commonly made in respect of young persons.

Although our client was outside the usual catchment for a Spent Conviction Order, Rebecca swayed the court that our client was of good character and unlikely to commit a similar offence in the future.  The court issued our client the minimum fine and granted the spent conviction order.

This case illustrates the value of a legal representation at court hearings, and particularly sentencing.  Rebecca’s court advocacy skills and knowledge of the law resulted in the best possible outcome and our client could continue to enjoy his retirement with no criminal record on his conscience.

Spent Conviction for Road Rage Incident

Our solicitor Rebecca Walker represented a middle-aged man who was facing a number of criminal and traffic charges arising from a road rage incident. The charges were:

  • one count of Reckless Driving;
  • one count of Endangering Life, Health or Safety of a Person;
  • one count of Carried (Possession) an article with intent to cause fear that someone will be injured;
  • one count of Assault occasioning Bodily Harm; and
  • two counts of Criminal Damage or Destruction of Property.

Rebecca was successful in out-of-court negotiations with the prosecution relating to the  Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm charge, which the prosecution agreed to discontinue.  When negotiating, Rebecca relied on criminal defences that she could raise if the matter were to proceed to trial.

At sentencing, our client pleaded guilty to the remaining charges. Rebecca presented our client’s plea in mitigation to the court and made an application for a Spent Conviction Order based on the client’s prior good character.  The court also heard submissions from the prosecution opposing the spent conviction order.

Rebecca persuaded the court that our client was of good character and unlikely to commit a similar offence in the future.  The court sentenced our client with a global fine (meaning one fine to cover all charges) and ‘spent’ the client’s conviction (meaning the circumstances in which the conviction would have to be disclosed are limited).

This case illustrates the value of a solicitor like Rebecca Walker in criminal matters.  Rebecca was able to consider the law and evidence, and then use her negotiation skills to eliminate the most serious charge.  Rebecca’s knowledge of the law and advocacy skills achieved the best possible outcome for the client.


by Jennifer G. via Google
I was satisfied that I was heard and responded to with a balanced and fair position, all of which gives me confidence moving forward. First impressions are good.
by H. Bodley via Google
Car was impounded, and licence suspended after being pulled over as a “hoon” which was (btw) a load of *&^%. The Gotocourt lawyers were great, fast efficient, which was obvious after my first call which was answered immediately, gave me some great advice over the phone on what to prepare and had me scheduled to see their lawyer that afternoon. Top bloke, very friendly and well spoken. Totally destroyed the charges in court – when all was said and done my penalty was less than your general parking ticket.
by Paul M. via Google
Ows it goin. Yes I was relieved to b able to speak of my experience and b listend to with open minds and of a non-bias approach. All the staff I av spoken to at GTC av been friendly and helpful. I don't do any of this as a cover up of any of my behavior, I am fed up with bein lied to and about. Very nice fellas and I av confidence in confiding with/to em both. Ther assistant is a nice lady too. Has given me extra time of his to help and I am very appreciative of him doin so. I must say the "system" needs a re-vamp in regards to the person protected and or application and of VRO's to b held accountable for communication during an order of which they have askd for to protect them... Thanku for ur svc's,
by Bethany H. via Google
Incredibly professional and effective firm. I could not have asked for a better outcome. These guys are awesome.
by Daniel W. via Google
Great Human Being, fantastic lawyer. I arrived full of anxiety and questions, left with a rock solid, literally bankable solution. Thank you.
by Melissa J. via Google
Thank you for working with Joshua and I to achieve a favourable outcome given the start he got off to. We are very pleased with your efforts and would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody in the same situation. All the very best.
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My lawyer was very professional & a very good communicator. I would highly recommend Go To Court lawyers.
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Great staff who are very helpful and friendly, especially when dealing with sensitive matters. Highly recommend

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