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Romana Simic is a Senior Associate at GTC Lawyers and practises primarily in family law.
After graduating from the University of Western Australia with the Bachelor of Laws, she was admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Western Australia.
She initially practiced at a small law practice where she gained experience in a wide variety of different areas of law. While Romana now practices exclusively in family law, she brings to the firm considerable experience in the areas of wills and probate, estate litigation, and commercial law.
Romana practices in all areas of family law including property settlements, child-related matters, and binding financial agreements, representing her clients in the Family Court of Western Australia, and the Children’s Court.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Member of the Law Society of Western Australia
  • Member of the Family Law Practitioners’ Association of Western Australia

Success Stories and Publications

Speedy Resolution of Family Law Matters

Our solicitor Romana Simic assisted a client who was seeking both parenting and financial orders following separation from his wife. The client had been through several solicitors and had fallen into despair, before coming to see us for advice and representation in his family law matters.

After attending three court events in this matter, Ms Simic managed to negotiate a satisfactory resolution in both the parenting and financial matters, avoiding the need for the client to go through a trial in either.

This case illustrates the importance of cost effective representation and carefully tailored advice to resolve legal matters in a timely manner.

The client said, "Thank you Romana you did your best with her and did a great job. I thank you for all your help, your time and also helping me out in the best way you did financially too. I appreciate this and thank you for your kindness. You are a great lawyer, very professional and do your job well. Thanks again! Take care and all the best in life!”

The Importance of Negotiation in Family Law Matters

Our solicitor Romana Simic assisted a client who was a husband seeking to challenge a binding financial agreement entered into with a wife.

The client’s trial date was approaching and he had been through a few different solicitors when he came to see us for advice and representation. After reviewing his matter in some detail, it became apparent that the parties had not fully explored the possibility of negotiating an outcome and avoiding the need to proceed to trial.

With the assistance of a senior barrister, Ms Simic managed to negotiate a successful outcome for the client who ended up avoiding having to go through a trial, which would have been costly and stressful.

This case illustrates the importance of quality representation, carefully tailored advice and  a solicitor who understands and cares about her client’s circumstances and has experience in negotiating a good outcome.

The client gave the following feedback: “I would like to take this opportunity to firstly thank you for helping me through the recent tough family court matter I was faced with. The understanding and experience you provided me made this all so much easier to deal with. Your professionalism and empathy you showed me will not be forgotten and I promise to highly recommend your services to anyone else I may come across that requires a lawyer’s assistance.”

Violence Restraining Order and Parenting Matter Resolved

Our solicitor Romana Simic assisted a father who had an interim Violence Restraining Order made against him by his wife as a result of which he was not able to spend time with his child. The interim Violence Restraining Order included his child.

When the man initially saw Ms Simic he was under the impression that he was required to focus on having the Violence Restraining order dismissed before being able to spend time with his child.

After receiving advice from Ms Simic and through our representation, the man was able to successfully reach an agreement in relation to the Violence Restraining Order by way of undertaking.

As a result, his wife dismissed the proceedings. The man attended mediation with his wife and reached an agreement meaning he could see his the child again after 9 months of separation.

This case illustrates the importance of quality representation, carefully tailored advice and the value of a solicitor like Ms Simic who cares for her client’s circumstances, with experience in different areas of law to ensure client achieves the desired outcome.

Client successfully avoided unnecessary legal fees associated with attempting to have the Violence Restraining Order dismissed and commenced spending time with his child.


by Kenneth M. via Google
Ramona at GTC is a fantastic, quick, analytical lawyer. I highly recommend her.
by Daniel W. via Google
Great Human Being, fantastic lawyer. I arrived full of anxiety and questions, left with a rock solid, literally bankable solution. Thank you.
by H. Spider via Google
Talk about Serendipity! Couldn't have wished for a more helpful & motivated lawyer. Yes - peace of mind!
by R. Norris via Google
We’d like to thank the team for being so wonderful and dedicated to their jobs. Very helpful, patient and always found an answer for our questions/concerns. Couldn't be happier with the service.
by Alex P. via Google
Great staff who are very helpful and friendly, especially when dealing with sensitive matters. Highly recommend
by Ruth W. via Google
I am extremely happy with the help I received, stressing less and have a direction now.
by Daryl T. via Google
great advice, clear direction...
by Michelle S. via Google
Dealt with the guys via phone on a few occasions. Quickly developed a strong professional relationship! Prompt turnaround and reasonable prices for this level of work. Highly recommended.

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