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Stacey Byrne holds a Bachelor of Laws with Distinction from Murdoch University and obtained a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law. Stacey was admitted to practice law in the Supreme Court of Western Australia in May 2018.

Stacey has a lot of experience in Family Law and is adept at negotiating settlements and in Family Court litigation.  She also regularly appears on client’s behalf in the Magistrates Court for a range of matters including Family Violence Restraining Orders, Criminal and Traffic matters. Stacey is passionate about finding practical, timely and cost-effective solutions for her clients.

Prior to and since admission, Stacey has volunteered at community legal centres providing legal advice to a range of clients.

In her spare time, Stacey enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Member of the Family Law Practitioners Association of Western Australia
  • Member of the Criminal Lawyers Association of Western Australia

Success Stories and Publications 

Settlement Negotiated in Property Matter

Our solicitor Stacey Byrne represented a 28-year-old male in relation to a property matter.

The client attended our office to seek advice and representation in relation to a property division where there were minimal assets to split and the other party was not willing to engage in negotiations.

As a result of negotiations with the other party and representation at court events, the parties agreed to a just and equitable settlement whereby both parties’ interests and needs were met.

The parties avoided lengthy and costly legal proceedings.

Suspended Sentence For Eighth Offence of No Authority to Drive

Our solicitor Stacey Byrne represented a 59-year-old male at Joondalup Magistrates Court on one charge of no authority to drive.

The client attended our office to seek our representation and assistance in relation to a charge of no authority to drive. The client had seven previous charges of the same nature and was facing a possible term of imprisonment. The client had had a difficult eighteen months which had resulted in a range of offences.

The maximum penalty for a second or subsequent offence of no authority to drive is $600 fine, nine months suspension of licence or 18 months imprisonment.

After discussions with the prosecution and a plea in mitigation, the client received a suspended term of imprisonment. Provided the client does not re-offend for the term of 10 months, he will not serve time in custody.

Parenting Matter Resolved By Consent

Our solicitor represented a 28 year old male who had separated from his de facto partner and had the care of a daughter who was 18 months old.

The client attended our office to seek advice and representation as the mother had sought an urgent recovery order through the Family Court. Informal arrangements had been in place since separation but the father had concerns regarding the mother’s care.

It is usual in a matter where the child is this young for the court to make orders for an equal shared care arrangement, even when one party has been the primary carer.  The client in this matter was seeking an equal shared care arrangement on the proviso the mother sought treatment for mental health and drug related concerns.

After negotiations, the parties agreed to an arrangement where the father was permitted to spend six nights a fortnight with the child and the mother sought treatment for her mental health and drug issues. The parties both achieved their objectives and avoided the need for costly and lengthy court proceedings.

Application For Family Violence Restraining Order Withdrawn

Our solicitor Stacey Byrne represented a 35-year-old male who had a family violence restraining order application made against him by his former partner. The former partner had made allegations of family violence, which the client instructed were false.

The client attended our office to seek representation and assistance with negotiating and opposing the Family Violence Restraining order.

Ms Byrne negotiated with the other party in an attempt to have the application withdrawn and a mutual undertaking made instead. The former partner agreed to a mutual undertaking and withdrew the application.

Spent Conviction For Obscene Act in Public

Our solicitor Stacey Byrne represented a 59-year-old male at Midland Court on 12 April 2019 on one charge of obscene acts in public.

The client was charged as a result of allegations made by his neighbour that he was masturbating on his property within the view of the street and the public. The client had had conflict with the neighbour leading up to the allegations being made.

The client attended our office to seek our representation and assistance as he denied the allegations and had a different version of events. The client instructed that he was not masturbating but had approached the neighbour during an altercation while he was just wearing underwear.

The maximum penalty for a charge of obscene acts in public is imprisonment for 12 months and/ or a fine of $12,000.00 if heard summarily. If heard in the District Court, this maximum penalty is up to 3 years imprisonment.

As a result of negotiations with the prosecution, the statement of material facts was amended to remove the mention of masturbation and the charges were downgraded to indecent acts in public. This resulted in the client receiving a fine of $700 and a spent conviction order preventing the client from having to disclose the offence to his employer.


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