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Tracy is a solicitor in Western Australia, having completed her Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours from Curtin University. She received a commendation for her submission to the Brooking Prize Competition which is organised by the Construction Law Society.

Tracy is admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Western Australia and the High Court of Australia.

Tracy worked as an Editorial Consultant for two years on the International Trade and Business Law Review. She also interned for the United Nations Coordination Committee of Australia in 2016/2017 and attended the Working Group II (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Meeting in Vienna in September 2016.

Tracy undertook her Post Graduate Legal Training with GTC lawyers, assisting our solicitors on a variety of legal matters, which gave her an exceptional experience base prior to becoming an admitted solicitor herself. She is now one of GTC’s exceptional Office Managers in WA.

Tracy has a special interest in both criminal and civil law. Tracy is focused on achieving the best outcome for the client and making sure they feel supported throughout their matter. She has represented clients in virtually every Magistrate Court in WA.

In her spare time, Tracy likes to read, play tennis, and spend time with friends.

Accreditations & Memberships

  • Law Society of Western Australia
  • LawAsia
  • UNCITRAL Coordination Committee of Australia (UNCCA)
  • International Law Association of Australia
  • Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Australia

While studying law at Curtin University, Tracy was highly regarded for her work in multiple fields:

  • Best Student in International Commercial Law
  • Best Student in Consumer Law
  • Best Student in Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Winner Clayton UTZ Case Note Competition 2016
  • Winner King & Wood Mallesons Paper Presentation Competition 2016
  • Winner Curtin Law School Trial Advocacy (Internal Round)
  • 3rd Place Australia Law Students Association Essay Competition

Success Stories and Publications

  • Intoxication and Insanity Defences in WA
  • The ACL and Used Vehicle Purchases
  • ‘The Fall of Sovereignty: Investor-State Dispute Settlement in Australia’ (2017) 4 Curtin Law and Taxation Review 141
  • ‘Spatial Demarcation: How Should We define State Liability in Outer Space?’ (2016) ALSA Academic Journal
  • ‘Protecting Australian Creditors: An Analysis of Kapila; Re Edelsten’ (2016) 19 International Trade and Business Law Review 333
  • ‘The Importance of Comity as a Backbone to Private International Law’ (2017) 20 International Trade and Business Law Review 336
  • ‘The Dispute Resolution Lag in Australia: The Time to Be Aggressive Is Now’ (2017) 28 Australasia Dispute Resolution Journal 1
  • ‘Penalties: The Implications Following Andrews and Paccioco in The High Court of Australia’ (2018) 21 International Trade and Business Law Review 125

Client Avoids Licence Suspension for No Authority to Drive

Our solicitor Tracy Albin has successfully represented a woman charged with her third offence of No Authority to Drive contrary to the Road Traffic Act 1974 (WA). Typically, a subsequent charge will carry a term of suspension of the offender’s drivers licence. In this case, Ms Albin successfully made submissions to the Court and the client received a small fine and no licence suspension. That client is now able to apply for a driver’s licence.

A solicitor like Tracy understands her clients’ needs and the impacts that a loss of licence could have on them. Through diligence and determination, Tracy was able to achieve an excellent outcome for her client.

Client Obtains Spent Conviction for Possession of Prohibited Drug

Our solicitor Tracy Albin successfully achieved a downgraded charge for a young man charged initially with possession of a prohibited drug with intent to sell or supply. Following the downgrade of the charge, Ms Albin also obtained a spent conviction for the young man for his two charges of possession of a prohibited drug and possession of drug paraphernalia. The overall penalty received included 2 small fines and court costs. This was an excellent result, which allows the young man to continue trouble-free in his employment.

The man was also referred to the Pre-Sentence Opportunity Program, where he underwent several sessions of counselling and he began to engage more actively with his peers and his family, and has since ceased all drug use. This referral to the program by the solicitor has enabled a favourable outcome both in and out of court for this client.

Tracy’s diligence, ability to understand the needs of her clients and her persuasive submissions were key to receiving this excellent result.


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