Vanessa Barnsley, Law Clerk

Vanessa-Barnsley_Law Clerk_Go To Court LawyersVanessa is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Laws from Western Sydney University. She anticipates admission into legal practice in mid-2018.

Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Laws from Western Sydney University. She is currently undertaking her Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice and anticipates admission into the legal profession in mid 2018.

Vanessa is experienced and passionate about criminal law, having worked previously with the Department of Justice in the Local Courts for a number of years. She understands the needs of clients, having previously built relationships with members of all parts of the justice system including Magistrates, court staff, prosecutors and solicitors. Vanessa is also interested in the areas of succession and family law.
In her spare time, Vanessa enjoys travelling and trying new food as well as spending each morning at the gym to keep healthy and fit.

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