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Temeka Sue-Tin is a solicitor in the Maroochydore office on the Sunshine Coast. Temeka holds a Bachelor of Laws from Griffith University and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from the College of Law. She is admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Queensland and in the High Court of Australia.

Temeka completed her Practical Legal Training at GTC Lawyers. She has strong interests in criminal and traffic law, family law, civil law and succession law.

Outside of work, Temeka enjoys going to the beach or the park with her dog and spending time with family and friends.

Accreditations & Memberships

    • Member of the Law Society of Queensland
    • Member of the Sunshine Coast Law Association
    • Member of Sunshine Coast Young Lawyers

Success Stories and Publications

  • Competence and Compellability of Witnesses (Qld)
  • Unwilled Acts (Qld)
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation (Qld)
  • DVOs and Children (Qld)
  • Computer Offences (Qld)
  • Police Interviews (Qld)
  • Licence Suspension For Unpaid Fines (Qld)
  • Statutory Demands and Insolvency
  • Fines For Client Guilty of Assault Police and DUI

    Our solicitor Temeka Sue-Tin represented a client charged with two counts of assault police officer, one count of obstruct police officer and one charge of driving a motor vehicle under the influence.


    The courts view violent offences against police very seriously. Ms Sue-Tin made detailed submissions and the client was sentenced to a fine of $750 for the assault and obstruct charges, and a fine of $900 and eight months disqualification for the traffic charge.

    Partially Suspended Sentence For Serious Drug Charges

    Our solicitor Temeka Sue-Tin represented a client charged on indictment with possessing cannabis (in excess of 500 grams), one count of trafficking dangerous drugs and one count of possessing anything used in connection with trafficking dangerous drugs, namely a mobile telephone.

    The client was sentenced by the District Court of Queensland.

    The courts view drug trafficking offences seriously and case law suggested that a term of actual imprisonment was within range.

    Ms Sue-Tin made detailed submissions and provided His Honour with supporting documentation. The client was sentenced to a head sentence of three years and three months imprisonment, suspended after serving six months in custody.

    No Conviction For Client Guilty of Unlawful Possession of a Weapon

    Our solicitor Temeka Sue-Tin represented a client charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, namely an unregistered .22 rifle. The client’s employment in the construction industry meant that he was required to undergo regular police checks.

    Ms Sue-Tin made submissions that the court should exercise its discretion and not record a criminal conviction. The client was sentenced to a fine of $350 and no conviction was recorded.

    Domestic Violence Order Application Withdrawn

    Our solicitor Temeka Sue-Tin represented a client named as the Respondent on a domestic violence application. The client instructed that if the Order were made, it would result in a breakdown of the entire family unit.

    By negotiation, Ms Sue-Tin was able to resolve the matter by way of mutual Undertakings. The matter was finalised between the parties and the domestic violence order application was withdrawn, without the need for a trial.

    No Conviction for Assault Charge

    Our solicitor Temeka Sue-Tin represented a client charged with Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm. The client was a security guard and an automatic disqualification of his security guard licence would apply if he were convicted of the offence. The cliennt would then be unable to apply for another license for 10 years from the date of conviction.

    At sentencing, Ms Sue-Tin made detailed submissions about how recording a conviction would result in significant impacts to the client’s social and economic wellbeing.

    Ms Sue-Tin was able to persuade the Magistrate to exercise their discretion and not record a conviction.


    by Corey N. via Google
    Straight to the point, gave me what I needed to know.
    by Aron G. via Google
    I got all the advice and help I needed and was always kept in the loop. Great support on the day. highly recommend.
    by Ali D. via Google
    Very informative. Great advice and very straight forward and honest about things.
    by Nick E. via Google
    The best thing to happen to me. Gave me what I believe is a very solid case if it eventuates to court.
    by "Psymoss" via Google
    Knowledgeable staff, my Lawer, knew exactly what to do every step of the way and I ended up getting off on a section 10 as hoped for. Couldn't be happier! Thanks guys
    by Alissa Hunt via Google
    Being able to gain some initial advice on the phone and then being able to book someone for the same day for an hour was fantastic. We were not pressured to front up with a heap of money and were given the option on whether or not to engage them. We were able to make decisions and they were happy to inform us of the process and encouraged us to handle the areas that we could ourselves to help reduce cost.
    by K. Kobbe via Google
    Frank, to the point, efficient, objective advice, provided examples to underpin the argument. Thank you guys.
    by Matthew M. via Google
    My experience was a good one. Helped ease my mind and was very helpful.

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