If you’re a British, an Australian, or a US citizen, the world is your oyster – 75% of its countries are open to you. To citizens of less powerful countries, the world is more of a closed clam, with tight regulations that make international travel much harder. How open is the world to you?

Sources and methodology: Information on visa requirements for passport holders of different countries was collected from Visahq.co.uk and Passport Index. “Countries open” refers to countries that either do not require a visa from a citizen of a given country, or offer visas on arrival. For all other cases, i.e. where a visa is required to enter the country, either via prior in person, postal, or online application process, the countries are deemed ‘not open for travel’.

United States

As Donald Trump’s administration is restricting travel of nationals from countries in the Middle East, it’s the US that might lose its visa free travel to the EU if they don’t grant open travel to citizens of all EU countries.

United Kingdom

As the UK enters Brexit negotiations, the worst case scenario may see British nationals lose the ability to travel to the EU member states without a visa.


Australian nationals can travel freely to 149 countries (75%) of the world, but citizens of virtually no other country except New Zealand can enter Australia without a visa.

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