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Our Bowen lawyers provide expert advice and strong representation in all Bowen legal cases.


Advice Before Court

We recommend booking a 1 hour conference with your Bowen lawyer before going to court. You will get expert advice on what you should do, the likely outcome and any preparation you need to do beforehand. You will also get a fixed quote on the cost for you to be represented in Bowen Magistrates Court on the day.

Court Lawyers

If you prefer, you can meet your lawyer at Bowen Magistrates Court without the need for a conference beforehand. Some examples of when this will suit you are adjournments, simple pleas or when your case is listed for directions from the court (not a final hearing). And if you are not on bail, you may not even need to attend.

Bowen Magistrates Court

The Bowen Magistrates Court is located on the corner of Herbert and William Streets right in the heart of the Bowen town centre. The Courthouse has the operating hours of 10 am to 2 pm on Mondays, 9 am to 12 pm Wednesdays and 10 am to 12 pm on Fridays.

Bowen is located 200 km South of Townsville and has population of 9,000 people. Founded in 1861, Bowen is most famous for The Big Mango, which along with the beautiful beaches makes this region a very popular tourist destination.

For expert advice and strong representation, call Go To Court Lawyers Bowen on 1300 636 846.

GTC Lawyers Appear In Bowen Magistrates Court

30 Williams St, Bowen, QLD 4805

GTC Lawyers Appear In Bowen Magistrates Court

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Alanna was fantastic, couldn’t have asked for anyone better, she tended to my needs, was there when I needed her and also had great communication. She was kind and consecrate of my needs and did a fantastic job.

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Family Law

Dealing with family issues such as separationchild custody or divorce can be very difficult emotionally and financially. They can turn your world upside down making it hard to get through the work day or function normally in your private life. Getting the right advice early can help you get on top of it before it becomes unmanageable. Go To Court Lawyers can guide you through the family law process, providing you with expert advice, and helping you put your matter behind you with as little fuss as possible. While our family lawyers are experienced in appearing before both the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court, they work hard to resolve your issues early and without the need for litigation. We will support you through preliminary processes such as mediation or negotiation, and through the entire court process if necessary, to make sure you get the best outcome possible. If you are facing a family law problem, let Go To Court Lawyers help. We can assist you with any family law matter, such as:  

Drink Driving

Traffic Law


If you are looking at temporary or permanent residence in Australia, it is essential to obtain legal advice from an experienced migration lawyer. Australian migration law is constantly being updated, with amendments passing Australia’s Parliament every month. It can be hard to keep track with what level of English you require, how to obtain a skills assessment, and what the sponsorship obligations are when employing an overseas worker. Go To Court’s lawyers are experienced in handling migration matters. From visa applications to appeals, your migration status is in safe hands.


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