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Nerang Family Lawyers

Nerang family lawyers are here for your family law needs.

Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of family law, including:

The team in Nerang provide cost effective and tailored advice to your situation. With Go To Court Family Lawyers in Nerang, you do not have to risk your future.

The friendly Nerang family law team have been practising for many years and are led by Accredited Family Law Specialist, Rachel Gillies. We understand that dealing with a family law issue is an upsetting time, and not many disputes become amicable.

Our family lawyers in Nerang are skilled in family dispute resolution – the mandatory mediation process parties have to go through prior to lodging a court application. We frequently obtain great results for our family law clients.

Through our Legal Hotline, you can book to see a Nerang family lawyer today

Our Legal Hotline makes us different. We staff our Legal Hotline with qualified and experienced lawyers who listen to your family law issues and provide qualified and tailored information suited to your situation. The Hotline Lawyers can help you make an important decision regarding your family legal affairs.

If needed, our Legal Hotline lawyers can book you in to see one of our experienced Nerang family lawyers. If our office location is not convenient for you, we can arrange a place that is convenient. Because we understand that life does not stop just because you have a legal issues – and it should not have to!

Call us today on 1300 636 846 and experience the difference we can make, today.

Common family law issues

Our Nerang team of family lawyers deal help clients every day with their matters. Small or large, there are real solutions out there that do not have to cost you the world.

Here are some of the most common family law issues our lawyers regularly assist our clients with:

Child Support

Separation or divorce can take a heavy emotional toll on your family. Our Nerang family lawyers understand that arranging for child support can often be a difficult and stressful process. They will help you explore all the child support options available and provide thorough explanations of how child support is calculated, so you can make the best decision for your family.

Property settlement

It may well be that you and your former partner have agreed to a property settlement. This is a good first step. But an informal agreement will not protect your financial interests if your former partner changes their mind.

With many years’ experience, our Nerang family lawyers assist many of our clients with drawing up and obtaining property consent orders. These protect your financial interests and the agreement you have made with your former partner can then be honoured and enforced by a court of law.

Without a skilful family lawyer, property settlements and consent orders can go awry. Do not risk your future. Call our no-obligation Legal Hotline today.

Child Safety

Go To Court Nerang Family Lawyers also handle matters which specifically concern the movement of children. Our lawyers can apply for recovery orders, which returns a child the person who has parental responsibility for them.

Recovery orders are often necessary if the child is being kept in an unsafe environment. Our Nerang family lawyers are also prepared to assist you with cases that concern child abduction, in the unthinkable event that the other parent has taken the child overseas and refuses to return.

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