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Go To Court’s Marsden lawyers are available to assist you in advise and representation throughout the Logan and Gold Coast areas. Our lawyers have built a strong representation in delivering effective results to our clients.

Our lawyers in Marsden are conveniently located at  1/3972 Pacific Hwy, Loganholme, QLD 4129.  Accessible to all Gold Coast and Logan courts, our Marsden lawyers are effective at what they do – giving the best representation and advice suited to your situation.

Lawyers available seven days a week

Go To Court Marsden lawyers are different. We operate a Legal Hotline where you can speak with a qualified lawyer, 7am to midnight every day.

Gone are the days of waiting until business ours to speak with a Marsden lawyer, or waiting for a call back after leaving a message. Call our Hotline on 1300 636 846 and notice the difference.

Criminal Law

Go To Court Marsden lawyers have a team of skilled and experienced criminal lawyers. They are backed by Accredited Specialist Mitchell Cavanagh, and with decades of combined experience, your case is in safe hands.

Our criminal law team in Marsden are available to provide strong representation and realistic advice. Some of the matters our Marsden team have obtained good results in include bail applications, no conviction recorded, domestic violence matters including breaches of DV orders, and drug offences.

We have hundreds of legal articles which cover most aspects of criminal law. These are free to access on our website and are written and edited by lawyers.

Family Law

Relationship difficulties and separation are hard enough without the constant thought of what legal rights you may have. Go To Court’s Marsden lawyers understand this and endeavour to resolve family disputes empathetically and cost effectively.

The family law team at Marsden are backed by Accredited Specialist Rachel Gillies. Having many years’ experience with an understanding approach, our Marsden lawyers are able to alleviate the stress that comes from managing family law issues while you are at your most vulnerable.

With hundreds of family law articles written and edited by lawyers, there is bound to be a relevant article to your family law situation. From child consent orders to family violence allegations, our family law section has information that is free for you to access.

Civil Law

No matter what dispute you are facing, our team of experienced lawyers in Marsden are here to help you resolve it.

Whether you are looking for information about buying or selling a car, making a Will (or disputing one), or you are looking for information about tenancy rights, we have hundreds of civil law articles to help. Our articles are available to the public without charge and are written and edited by qualified lawyers.

Go To Court’s Marsden lawyers are trained in alternative dispute resolution. This means greater chances of solving the issue outside of court and saving money.

If, for whatever reason, your civil law matter cannot be dealt with outside of court, our Marsden lawyers are experienced litigation solicitors. Whether it is in the Queensland Administrative Appeals Tribunal, or the Queensland Magistrates, District or Supreme Courts, our lawyers are confident civil law advocates.

Drink Driving

Facing a charge of drink driving, driving under the influence (DUI) or driving whilst intoxicated (DWI) can be a daunting experience. In the most severe cases, a prison sentence can be imposed. There is also a minefield of mandatory licence suspension and disqualification periods to navigate, depending on the circumstances and the nature of the drink driving.

Our Marsden lawyers understand that you just want to get back to your life and protect your greatest independence – your licence. By speaking with a Go To Court drink driving lawyer, you will have access to first class representation and realistic advice.

Traffic Law

Being pulled over by a traffic cop is one thing, facing a full and serious traffic offence is another. The traffic law team at Marsden are no strangers to fighting for reduced licence suspensions and disqualifications in Beenleigh and Gold Coast Courts.

Go To Court’s Marsden lawyers have decades of combined experience. They understand your situation and fight for your rights.

We fight hard for our clients and our results speak for themselves.

We also have dozens of traffic law articles covering the most common queries of our clients. Our legal articles are written and edited by lawyers and skip the legal mumbo-jumbo. They are in plain English and easy to understand. Our most popular articles include:


If you are looking for up-to-date, practical and relevant immigration law information, our legal articles can set you in the right direction. Written and edited by qualified lawyers, these migration law facts are more than just rumour.

If you are looking for more tailored information about specific visas or an issue requiring an appeal, our experienced team in Marden are available to assist.

Migration law is a highly specialised area requiring practitioners to keep constantly up-to-date with the latest visa changes. This is where Go To Court’s Marsden lawyers shine – they stay up-to-date so you do not have to.

We also have a large number of immigration law articles written and edited by lawyers with real immigration experience. Some of the most useful articles include:


Go To Court’s Marsden lawyers also provide personal injury services. For our personal injury clients, we operate on a no win, no fee basis.

The difference with Go To Court Lawyers is our client service. If our location is not convenient for you, we do not force you to make an unnecessary (and sometimes costly) trip. We have the means to meet you where it is convenient for everyone or utilise technology for a Facetime or Skype consultation.

We care for you and work hard to obtain outcomes which are both in your best interests and realistic.

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