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Go To Court’s Sunshine Coast criminal lawyers can help you with all aspects of your criminal law matter. Whether you are being investigated for offences, have been summonsed to attend court, arrested and bailed, or remanded in custody, our dedicated and experienced criminal law specialists can support you through all stages of the criminal court process, helping you achieve the best outcome possible in the circumstances.

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Go To Court’s Sunshine Coast Lawyers are local, expert and affordable. We operate a free legal hotline between 7 am and midnight, seven days a week, meaning you can get the legal help you need, when you need it, obligation-free.

Our criminal lawyers specialise in all areas of criminal law, including:

Our criminal lawyers will review the allegations against you and assess the strength of the prosecution case. They will identify any defences that are available and advise you as to whether you should plead guilty or fight the charges.

Queensland lower courts

The Magistrates Court and Children’s Court deal with the bulk of criminal matters in Queensland. These are courts of summary jurisdiction that are preside over by a magistrate. If you are charged with traffic matters or minor criminal offences, this is where your matter will be dealt with.

Queensland higher courts

The District Court and Supreme Court deal with more serious criminal matters in Queensland. If you are charged with serious indictable offences, such as robbery, drug trafficking or homicide offences, this is where you matter will be finalised, after going through a committal procedure in a lower court.

The higher courts have the power to impose more severe penalties, including lengthy terms of imprisonment.

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