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Go To Court Lawyers is one of Australia’s top law firms for court representation, the best client outcomes and is home to accredited law specialists in all areas of law. If you are looking for a lawyer nearby in Weipa, then look no further than the dedicated solicitors who are here to support you from start to finish.

Top lawyers in Weipa

Go To Court Weipa Lawyers offers affordable legal advice on legal matters relevant to:

  • criminal law;
  • civil law;
  • family law;
  • drink driving;
  • drug driving;
  • immigration law;
  • personal injury;
  • immigration law; and
  • compensation law.

Be prepared for court

Get the right advice from a professional lawyer in Weipa to help with your pressing legal matter. We have accredited law specialists who can ensure your case gets the right attention it needs and we have lawyers all around Australia for all types of smaller cases. Our team are here to help ensure you get the best outcome for your situation. We do this by spending the time required to understand your case and provide you with the best legal advice moving forward. Our team of Weipa lawyers will be available for representation for all your potential matters.

We do highly recommend booking a no obligation 1 hour conference call with your Weipa lawyer before your day in court. You will get the best advice on what to do and how to do it, what your likely outcomes are and any preparation you will require. Our team will provide you with a fixed quote on the cost of your case representation in Weipa Magistrates Court before hand.

If you are facing serious charges don’t let stress get you down. With our professional team of lawyers in Weipa you can count on our friendly team to get you the best outcome possible.

Court Lawyers

If you prefer, you can meet your lawyer at Weipa Magistrates Court without the need for a conference beforehand. Some examples of when this will suit you are adjournments, simple pleas or when your case is listed for directions from the court (not a final hearing). And if you are not on bail, you may not even need to attend.

GTC Lawyers Appear In Weipa Court House

1 Central Ave, Weipa, QLD 4874

GTC Lawyers Appear In Weipa Court House

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C. Hansen

Alanna was fantastic, couldn’t have asked for anyone better, she tended to my needs, was there when I needed her and also had great communication. She was kind and consecrate of my needs and did a fantastic job.

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