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Go to Court Lawyers Northern Territory offers quality legal representation throughout the top end, wherever you may be.  We have offices in Darwin, Alice Springs, and Katherine.  Our Lawyers Northern Territory are experts in NT criminal law, civil law, family law, drink driving law, traffic law and immigration law.  We can represent you in Court whether your matter is heard in the Magistrates Court or the Supreme Court, and can advise you of the quickest, cheapest and most effective solution to your dispute.

Our lawyers come from a variety of backgrounds and we can accommodate you should you prefer to speak with a lawyer who can speak to you in your first language or who is sensitive to your cultural or ethnic needs.

NT Criminal Lawyers

In the Northern Territory, criminal matters can range from summary offences such as public nuisance and drunk and disorderly, to serious indictable offences including murder and rape.  You may wish to apply for a domestic violence order if you are being subjected to physical, emotional, economic or social abuse.  Our Northern Territory criminal lawyers can assist you with all manner of criminal offences and can walk you through the Court process.  We can even arrange videoconferencing for you if you live in a remote area and need to appear before a Court.

NT Civil Lawyers

Civil matters in the Northern Territory include a wide range of areas of law including residential tenancies, debt recovery, contractual disputes, employment law, equal opportunity law, negligence and other torts.  Whether your matter is related to a dispute, or you need advice and documentation drawn up for your new business, we offer a wide range of services at an affordable price.

NT Family Lawyers

Our Northern Territory family lawyers are experienced advocates and negotiators, and can provide quality representation on all aspects of family law including children’s matters, financial separation, divorce and pre-nuptial agreements.  We can guide you through the Court processes and soften the blow of a difficult, emotional time.

NT Traffic Lawyers

Traffic law in the Northern Territory ranges from minor traffic infringements such as failing to follow road rules; to more serious matters such as drag racing; and driving recklessly.   For the more serious offences, drivers may have their vehicle impounded or licence disqualified and may even face a period of imprisonment.  If you have been charged with a traffic offence and want to know what your options are regarding pleading or sentencing, call one of our lawyers on our hotline which is open 7 days a week from 7am until 9pm.

NT Drink Driving Lawyers

It is illegal in the Northern Territory to drive your vehicle with more than a prescribed blood alcohol concentration in your system, or to drive with illicit drugs in your system.  In some circumstances, however, you may have a defence to a DUI charge or you may have mitigating circumstances justifying a reduction in penalty.  Our lawyers are experienced in DUI matters and can help find a resolution to your problem without hurting your wallet.

NT Immigration Lawyers

Our Northern Territory immigration lawyers can assist you in making an application for a visa, to help you change your visa, or to challenge a visa rejection.  We have lawyers who speak several languages so do not hesitate to ask for assistance if English is not your first language. 

NT Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury claims in the NT include compensation claims for workplace injuries, motor vehicle accidents and negligence. The road to recovery can be long and our personal injuries lawyers understand that it is often a vulnerable and frustrating time in your life. Our lawyers will handle your matter from start to finish to take off a lot of the stress and hassle of going through a personal injury claim.

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