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Go To Court Lawyers Victoria has 78 locations, from Frankston, Dandenong, throughout Melbourne city, to Point Cook and out to Geelong. We are also located in many country towns across Victoria in places like Ballarat, Horsham, Bendigo, Mildura, Shepparton and Wodonga. Our Victorian lawyers can assist you with any type of traffic, criminal, drink driving, family, civil or immigration matter. We have a wealth of knowledge, and are familiar with all the courts and tribunals across Victoria.

No matter whether you need a local lawyer with local knowledge, or one with big city experience, we have the right lawyer for your legal needs.Our Lawyers Victoria are highly experienced in legal matters unique to your area, and can help you achieve the outcome you expect.

VIC Civil Lawyers

Civil matters in Victoria can range from disputes over the way a contract has been written; trying to recovery monies owed for work performed or lent to another; disputes at work or being unfairly dismissed; rental property disputes as a tenant, landlord, or property manager. If the matter can’t be resolved proceedings may need to be commenced. In Victoria some civil matters are heard by the Courts, and others by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

VIC Family Lawyers

Family law in Victoria falls under the Commonwealth Legislation, and can be arduous and emotional. Our Victorian Family lawyers are emphatic to your needs, and experienced in ensuring that matters are resolved with least amount of stress. No matter whether you need consent orders for a property settlement, or have a dispute over custody issues our lawyers are here to provide you with the right advice.

VIC Traffic Lawyers

Traffic law is the strictest in the country with zero tolerance for many offences. Our traffic lawyers can help you decide whether to take a traffic infringement to court, what the likely outcomes will be, and how to present your individual circumstances to the Magistrate. We can also assist if you have multiple toll fines that are quickly adding up with penalties and interest. If you are struggling to enter into a payment arrangement, or need representation if the matter is going to court our experienced traffic lawyers can help you achieve the best outcome for your personal circumstances.

VIC Drink Driving Lawyers

Drink driving in Victoria has tough penalties for offenders. You can also be issued with an infringement notice which has an automatic suspension period. In some cases you may want to challenge the suspension period and our lawyers can help you present your personal circumstances to the court.

VIC Criminal Lawyers

Criminal offences can have a devastating impact on your life especially if a conviction is recorded.Convictions can hinder employment prospects, and prevent overseas travel. Our criminal lawyers can assist you in determining the right course of action, and how to navigate through the court system.

VIC Immigration Lawyers

Immigration law in Victoria is governed by Commonwealth legislation, and can be hard to understand due to the government’s ability to change immigration policies at a moment’s notice. It is important that the advice you receive is accurate and applications are made in a timely manner. Our immigration lawyers can also assist you if your visa has been denied, and you need an MRT review.

VIC Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury law in Victoria includes negligence or common law claims, motor vehicle accident compensation, and workers compensation. We operate on a no win, no fee basis which means you do not have to pay our fee if your claim is not successful.

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