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Our Go To Court Lawyers Western Australia have a vast array of knowledge in a variety of areas such as criminal lawcivil lawfamily lawtraffic lawdrink driving and immigration. No matter where you are based our Western Australian lawyers are here to help. We cover all courts in Western Australia from way up at Karratha to down at Mandurah, Bunbury and Geraldton. We have offices through the Perth district including  Subiaco, Fremantle, and Joondalup.We have the West coast of Australia covered no matter how complex or simple your matter may be.

Our WA lawyers come from a variety of backgrounds, and are sensitive to your cultural and legal needs. We can accommodate after hours appointments and appointments at short notice if your court date has crept up, or if you are a fly in fly out worker.

WA Criminal Lawyers

Criminal law in Western Australia covers an array of offences some which are quite serious and can result in a term of imprisonment. While other criminal offences may not seem serious and can result in only a fine, all criminal charges can have a lasting effect. Our criminal lawyers will provide you with the right advice, and help you obtain a spent conviction where possible.

WA Civil Lawyers

Civil matters in Western Australia are normally commenced through the courts, and there is no super tribunal like many of the other states. Our civil lawyers can help you negotiate with the other party to achieve a suitable outcome in the hope that litigation is not required.We can assist with employment disputes, recovering unpaid loans, debt recovery for unpaid invoices, drafting or lease agreements, and assist you with all your business and commercial needs.

WA Family Lawyers

In Western Australia, Family law is governed both by Commonwealth legislation and by State legislation depending on whether your legal matter relates to a marriage or de facto relationship. It is our aim to try and settle disputes without lengthy and expensive court battles can be emotionally draining. Our family lawyers understand the stress that family law matters have on families and we strive to limit this as much as possible.

WA Traffic Lawyers

Traffic law in Western Australia has some very strict penalties with automatic jail terms for some traffic offences such as being involved in a police pursuit. WA is also very tough on hooning offences, and can confiscate your vehicle permanently. Our traffic lawyers know the WA traffic law, and can assist you to achieve the best result possible taking into considerations the circumstances of the offence.

WA Drink Driving Lawyers

Drink driving laws in Western Australia vary depending on your BAC reading, and your past traffic history. In some circumstances you may also have to have an interlock before you are able to drive again. Our drink driving lawyers are experts in this field and can assist you to obtain the minimum suspension period, or to obtain an extra ordinary licence.

WA Immigration Lawyers

Our Western Australian immigration lawyers can assist you in making an application for a visa, to help you change your visa, or to challenge a visa rejection. We also have many lawyers that speak different languages to assist you if English is not your first language.

WA Personal Injury Lawyers

Our Western Australian personal injury lawyers are here to assist you in making your claim for compensation for your injury. If we believe you have a claim, we offer a no win, no fee service. This means that you do not have to pay our fee if your claim is rejected. Speak with us today about what rights you might have.

We provide our services in Western Australia in a variety of locations to suit your needs via traditional offices, serviced offices for your convenience or via phone or video call.

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