Terms and Conditions

What we promise to do:

  • Assess your matter from information given by you at the time of booking;
  • Use our experience, and our Australia-wide network of solicitors, to engage the appropriate solicitor for you and your matter;
  • Brief your solicitor with any information and documents you provide;
  • Organise your initial consultation for you, and ensure your solicitor is available for any necessary court appearance;
  • Charge you at the rates indicated on our website.

What you promise to do:

  • Provide us with clear, complete and accurate instructions for your lawyer;
  • Pay us $295.00 upon booking your lawyer (or within 24 hours if you have made a Provisional Booking). Specifically, you acknowledge that this payment is a booking fee only and does not give rise to a solicitor/client relationship between us and you;
  • Turn up to your meeting!

Refund Policy:

If you:
  1. cannot attend your meeting, and cannot reschedule; or
  2. no longer require your meeting;

we will refund your booking fee in full within 48 business hours, providing you contact us PRIOR to the meeting to tell us this.

There are no refunds for any reasons other than the above.

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