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Australian Drink Driving Lawyers

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Being charged with drink driving can have serious consequences for not only you, but also your family. Losing your licence may result in the loss of your employment and being unable to properly provide for your family; not only financially, but logistically. Our experienced drink driving lawyers can provide specialist advice and representation to ensure the best outcome possible in your drink driving matter.

Fines and terms of imprisonment

Drink driving offences can attract steep fines and even terms of imprisonment for repeat offenders. Our team of specialist drink driving lawyers will support you to prepare your case to minimise the penalty the court imposes. This may include undertaking drink driver education programs, gathering character references and seeking help to address your alcohol use.

Licence suspensions

Many drink driving offences carry mandatory minimum periods of licence suspension. Courts cannot impose a shorter period of suspension that the minimum period stated in the legislation; they can, however, impose a longer period where appropriate.

Our drink driving lawyers in Australia will gather material in support of your case and make submissions to the court to ensure you get the most favourable outcome possible in the circumstances.

Drink driving programs

In many states, drink driver education programs exist to help people who have been caught drink driving to address their behaviour and avoid drink driving in the future. Participation in such a program is one way of showing the court that you are taking responsibility for you mistake. This is a factor the court will consider when deciding what penalty to impose.

Character references

If you are going to be pleading guilty to drink driving offences, you may want to gather character references to hand up to the court. These are letters written to the court by people who know you and can attest to your good character. You may want to provide character references from employers, colleagues or business associates. If you are taking steps to address your alcohol use, you may want to provide a letter from your doctor or counsellor setting out the steps you have taken to address these issues.  Go To Court Lawyers will help you to identify all the supporting material needed to present your case in the best possible light.

Lawyer for drink driving offence Australia

Drink driving charges should not be taken lightly as penalties can be severe and suspension periods lengthy. Make sure you go to court fully prepared. If you need a lawyer for a drink driving offence contact us today.

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