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Professional Advice Before Court

Don’t know who to call? Nervous about the cost? Let us help…


For $395.00*, we:

  • assess your case and any documents you give us;
  • arrange a 1 hour appointment for you with our local, experienced lawyer;
  • brief your lawyer about your case – so they’re ready to go when you arrive;
  • cover the cost of the first hour. You will be quoted on any further costs.

We also understand that sometimes you don’t need detailed legal advice and would rather just meet your lawyer at court on the day. In this case, our court lawyers booking system is the way to go…

*Your $395 (incl. GST) secures your lawyer for the first hour or part hour of their time. If your case is going to take more than one hour it will cost you more than $395. If so, your lawyer will tell you this, give you a quote before doing any additional work and make arrangements for further payment directly with you.

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