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Experienced Lawyers in Sydney: (02) 7903 2898

Go To Court Lawyers Sydney can attend to your court case and to give you great legal advice. The friendly and experienced team are qualified to give you legal advice when you need it most.

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Lawyers Sydney

If you have a question about whether your matter may be legal in nature or you have a more general question about the law itself, our Legal Hotline is available for your call on 1300 636 846. For the cost of a local call and from 7am to midnight, 7 days per week you are guaranteed to speak with a lawyer who can help you navigate Australia’s complex legal system, with no obligation.

Booking an appointment with one of the Go To Court solicitors in Sydney is also easy. Just call our Legal Hotline on 1300 636 846. If you prefer, you can also use our online booking tool.

Go To Court’s experienced and passionate team are located at Level 35, 201 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Our Sydney office is close to public transport.

Our Sydney lawyers appear in all Sydney courts and surrounding suburbs.

If you need some great legal advice or are in a hurry to get a lawyer to attend court, we have put together Sydney’s best and friendliest team of solicitors to help you.

The Sydney team of lawyers live locally. This means that if you need a good lawyer quickly, we are able to provide that for you. In some instances, our Sydney lawyers are also able to arrange to go to you, rather than having you always travel to our office.

Go To Court’s Sydney team of solicitors provide expert and specialised advice in the following areas of law:


A potential criminal conviction can have significant consequences for you and your family. Even if the conviction is minor, it can impact upon your ability to earn and possibly stop you from travelling overseas.

Obtaining accurate legal advice and strong representation is important in securing a successful outcome. Our Sydney criminal law solicitors are able to help you decide if you want to fight a charge or plead guilty. Go To Court’s Sydney lawyers are able to help you navigate the complex and intimidating criminal justice system. You are not alone.

Our solicitors are experienced in providing you with the best possible representation and advice in criminal matters. Our Sydney lawyers can assist from providing prompt advice when a charge is laid, bail applications, obtaining a character reference to court processes in general.

If you believe that there has been police misconduct, you can also seek assistance from Go To Court’s Sydney team. We fight harder for your rights.

Family and Divorce

Go To Court’s family lawyers understand the emotional and financial toll family law matters have on individuals.  This is why our Sydney team takes a sensitive and common-sense approach to family disputes.

We assist with all issues, including divorce applications, separation, prenuptial agreements, and child custody disputes. Our Sydney solicitors can provide tailored and expert advice to suit your needs. Our team is available to enforce property orders or obtain consent orders with respect to either child custody or property issues as well.

Our Sydney team provides strong representation in complex matters such as supervision orders and international child abduction application cases. With us, you have support.

Civil Law

Go To Court’s team of Sydney civil lawyers are there to provide advice and representation with respect to all types of civil disputes. The experienced team can assist you with your residential tenancy dispute through to dealing with an unfair dismissal claim. The Sydney team is there for you.

Our Sydney lawyers also provide experienced advice and representation in regards to the following matters:

Go To Court’s Sydney civil lawyers also provide experienced services in relation to estate matters, including challenging a will and probate.

Drink Driving

Australia has some of the toughest drink driving and DUI laws in the world, and this includes New South Wales. Depending on your Blood Alcohol Limit, different penalties and licence suspension periods apply.  For some drink driving offences, a prison sentence applies.

Our Sydney lawyers can help by representing you in court for drug and drink driving offences, and may even be able to help you avoid heavy fines and the loss of your licence.

As part of our service to you, our Sydney lawyers will fight to secure minimal penalties and advocate for you to keep your licence. Go To Court’s Sydney lawyers are there to provide step-by-guidance, helpful advice and experienced representation.

Traffic Law

The Sydney lawyers at Go To Court understand that maintaining an independent lifestyle requires a drivers’ licence. This is why we fight harder for your rights. We also understand that despite a charge, you may be innocent.

New South Wales has laws with respect to dangerous and anti-social driving behaviour, known as hoon laws. These include such behaviours as being involved in a police pursuit, speed racing, and driving at least 45km over the designated speed limit.

Other traffic offences such as driving without a licence and failing to stop for police can carry significant penalties. These include losing your licence and having to pay a large fine.

Our Sydney traffic solicitors are there to assess your case, consider any defences you may have and assist you in the best possible way.


Whether it is family migration, skilled or employer sponsored, Go To Court’s immigration solicitors are there to provide helpful advice to secure your Australian migration status.

Did you know that all non-citizens are subject to a character check? If this is something that concerns you, our Sydney team can provide you with useful information to ensure your visa application has the best possible chance for success.

We understand that the migration process is stressful and this is why our Sydney team are here to help. No matter how complex or simple your migration matter, the Sydney team are experienced and dedicated to providing the best possible service to secure the best possible outcomes.

Courthouses in Sydney

Downing Centre Local Court

Click here to play Downing Centre Local Court video

Located on the corner of Elizabeth and Liverpool Streets, the Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney is situated on Level 4 of the Downing Centre Building at 143 Liverpool Street Sydney. The court deals with criminal and general Local Court cases only. Read more

Sydney CBD District Court

Sydney CBD District Court Video

The Sydney CBD District Court is situated on Level 4 of the John Maddison Tower at 86 Goulburn Street Sydney, between the intersections with Castlereagh and Elizabeth Streets. The civil registry in the Sydney CBD District Court operates Monday to Friday from 8:30am until 4:00pm. Read more

Supreme Court of NSW, Law Courts Building, Queens Square, Sydney

Click here to play Supreme Court of NSW video

The Sydney Supreme Court is located in the heart of Sydney’s legal precinct in the Law Courts building. It shares the building with branch registries of both the Federal Court and High Court of Australia. The Court is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Read more

Sydney Federal Circuit Court and Sydney Family Court

Click here to play Sydney Federal Circuit Court and the Sydney Family Court video

Both the Sydney Federal Circuit Court and the Sydney Family Court are located at 97-99 Goulburn St in the heart of the city. They are housed in the Lionel Bowen Building, named after the former Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Labor Party stalwart. The Courthouse is less than a kilometre from the Pitt St mall, home to some of Sydney’s most prestigious shopping labels. Read more

Legal articles our Sydney clients have found helpful:

Spousal Maintenance – If you have separated or divorced from a spouse or partner who was financially supporting you during your relationship, then you may be entitled to apply to have that financial support continue after separation by way of spousal maintenance. If you need help with any of the topics covered in this article our Sydney lawyers are available via the legal hotline to assist you.

Dismissal of Charges NSW – There are three such options regarding dismissal of charges under section 10 of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999. This article outlines how and when you can have your charges dismissed. Our Sydney lawyers understand how section 10 may apply to your circumstances so, if you have any concerns relating to this topic, contact them.

Drug Testing NSW – The oral fluid test won’t detect the presence of prescription drugs, including those medicines containing amphetamine–like substances, such as cold and flu tablets. The test will detect cannabis for several hours after use, though the exact time is dependent on the amount and strength of the cannabis taken. Our Sydney lawyers understand the importance of protecting your rights so, if the topics raised here concern you, contact them.

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