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Go to Court Lawyers Tasmania has four offices located around Tasmania with lawyers who are experts in Tasmanian law and are ready to help.  Our Hobart and Launceston offices are conveniently located just fifteen minutes’ walk from the Supreme Court and the Magistrates Court.  We know that getting into the city can be tough, especially if you live outside of the CBD, and that’s why we also have lawyers in Ulverstone and Burnie who can assist you.Our Lawyers Tasmania are experts in Tasmanian law and can provide advice and representation in most legal matters, from traffic law violations to family law, criminal law, immigration law, and all ranges of civil law including employment law and debt recovery.   At Go to Court Lawyers our lawyers keep in touch with the modern world.  We know that it’s important that when you call you always get to speak with a Tasmanian lawyer and that good quality legal representation is affordable and effective.

Tasmanian Criminal Lawyers

Whether you have been charged with a minor summary offence or a serious indictable offence, our Tasmanian criminal lawyers know how to provide you with the best legal representation at Court.  Our lawyers can help with all stages of the Court process from applying to bail, pleas in mitigation to a full trial.

Tasmanian Civil Lawyers

Civil disputes in Tasmania include minor debt recovery matters, employment law, breach of contract claims and torts law.  Our civil lawyers can help direct you to the right Tasmanian Court or tribunal which will deal with your claim.   They can help you find the quickest, cheapest and most suitable resolution to any civil law dispute that arises.  Our civil lawyers can also assist you when you set up a business in Tasmania, with services from drafting lease or franchise agreements, to employment contract matters.

Tasmanian Family Lawyers

Our Tasmanian family lawyers understand the emotional toll of separation and divorce and can assist you at this difficult time.  Our family lawyers are experts at representing clients in the Family Court and in negotiating consent orders regarding financial settlement or the care and custody of children.  They can also assist you at the beginning of cohabitation, with the preparation of a pre-nuptial or binding financial agreement.

Tasmanian Traffic Lawyers

Traffic law in Tasmania includes all manner of offences from minor traffic violations to serious hoon behaviour.  Penalties in Tasmania range from fines and licence disqualification to prison.  To avoid strict penalties you should speak to one of our Tasmanian lawyers to determine if you have any defence or mitigating circumstances.  Our traffic lawyers are specialists in Tasmanian law and Court procedures and are ready to provide you with the best representation possible.

Tasmanian Drink Driving Lawyers

If you have been charged with a drink driving or drug driving offence in Tasmania you may wish to speak to one of our lawyers to see whether you have a defence to the charge, or if you intend to plead guilty, what your sentencing options are.  There are many circumstances that influence sentencing and our drink driving lawyers can provide you with expert advice to help you get the fairest minimum penalty, or a spent conviction if possible.

Tasmanian Immigration Lawyers

Our Tasmanian immigration lawyers can assist you with a range of immigration matters including visa applications, work permits, applications for permanent residency and citizenship.  Many of our lawyers are also fluent in other languages and are more than willing to assist you if English is not your first language.

Tasmanian Personal Injury Lawyers

personal injury claim in Tasmania arises if you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. You would also have a compensation claim if you were involved in a car or motor vehicle accident, even if you were at fault. It is important to know your rights to claim compensation which means discussing your situation on of our experienced personal injury lawyers.

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