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Civil Law is a complex and vast area of law that tackles a number of different legal problems. Regrettably the consequences can be very serious, either to you personally or your business. Because this area of law is legally complicated it really requires the expertise of a professional litigation and dispute resolution lawyer experienced in civil law.

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Why shop around for the right lawyer? We find one for you.

Finding the right civil lawyer can be an emotionally exhausting, time consuming and costly process. The team here at Go To Court Lawyers can provide a one-stop-shop and find you the highest quality lawyer across many areas of civil law relevant to your situation.

First and foremost how do you know which type of civil lawyer to hire? Call us today on our Legal Hotline and we can provide you with fast, free and expert information on the relevant area of civil law your matter covers and how best to progress.

Then we find you the best civil lawyer for your problem.

Go To Court lawyers has a unique Legal Ranking System that listens to your unique legal situation, assesses you for free and effectively matches you with a highly skilled lawyer across Sydney, CBD or greater Sydney regions.

We can arrange a face-to-face consultation for you with any one of our Sydney civil law experts close to you. So you do not have to waste time, energy and cost shopping for the right lawyer. And you can trust our lawyers to be of the highest standard.

We can answer your questions today. You do not need to feel so uncertain about this anymore.

Areas of civil law expertise

Our Sydney lawyers are experienced in the broad areas which encompass civil law. These include such legal issues as the following:

  • Employment – Do you have a problem arising out of your employment? Are you being harassed at work? We can arrange for you to obtain expert advice from an employment lawyer. These lawyers can review your employment contract or negotiate on your behalf and not in a matter detrimental to your employment. Often in employment law, it is hard to advocate for yourself with your employer. Having a professional employment lawyer advocating for you can make a big difference.
  • Debt and bankruptcy – Do you need to recover a debt? No debt is too minor. This area of law requires very specific legal steps to be taken in order to recover a debt. It is important you have experienced and committed solicitors in this area who can write the appropriate debt recovery letters on your behalf and who have the experience to represent you in court: in the small claims court and even Supreme Court levels.
  • Commercial transactions – Is there a commercial dispute or a commercial contract you need drawn up? We have a team of Sydney based commercial solicitors or corporate lawyers highly experienced at representing your business’s best interests. The risk to your business can be significant if you do not ensure you have the right commercial representation.
  • Tenancy disputes – You may have some questions around your tenancy agreement? Then you can call us today and we can answer those. If necessary we can put you in touch with a civil solicitor near you who has experience in tenancy, leasing, housing department and rental matters.

At Go to Court lawyers no matter is too big or too small. We know that your legal problem matters significantly to you.

It can be emotionally exhausting not knowing how best to deal with your legal problem. Not to mention the cost of simply trying to find the best lawyer for your matter.

Our Legal Hotline is here to help you. It is open 7 days a week from 7am to midnight on  1300 636 846 or call us on our Sydney number on (02) 9199 7540.

You can call us anytime and as much as you need. Our telephone assessment is free of charge and we can put you on the road toward resolution.

It is important to know you have experience and quality on your side. Go To Court Civil lawyers can and will provide that.

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Great Firm. Best lawyers I’ve ever worked with. Big thanks to Thirushka for all the world class effort. Highly recommend and for the price, it’s very hard to come by.

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