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New South Wales driving offences include:

If you have been driving whilst suspended you can face a fine and further suspension. Depending on how many previous times you have previously offended, you could face prison.

Traffic Disputes Sydney

You can also dispute a traffic fine, speeding offence or red light camera fine. You may not have been the driver or you disagree with the allegations against you. You have the right to dispute the traffic allegations against you in court.

Drink driving offences are taken very seriously by the court, particularly if anyone has been injured as a result. Penalties include fines, lengthy disqualifications from driving, and even imprisonment.

If you are at risk of losing your licence due to a traffic infringement, excessive speeding, or your driving manner, you may be able to have your licence reinstated. With experienced representation, and depending on your circumstances, we can get you back on the road.

If you have been fined and convicted of a traffic offence in your absence because you were never notified of the court date, an annulment application can be made. For this to happen, you should have a lawyer consider your case first.

The possibility of a traffic conviction is serious but with the right legal representation, you can be given the opportunity for the court to hear your story which can result in a reduced penalty or a dismissal of the charge.

Traffic Accident Court Advice

We recommend booking a one hour conference with your Sydney lawyer before going to court. You will get expert advice on what you should do, the likely outcome and any preparation you need to do beforehand. You will also get a fixed quote on the cost for you to be represented in Sydney Local Court on the day.

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Go To Court has expert traffic infringement lawyers in Sydney. Our team are experienced in drink driving and criminal law across all areas of Sydney, the CBD and greater Sydney suburbs. We know your licence is important to you, for your independence and livelihood.

Having high-quality legal representation to advise you on your best course of action or advocate for you in court can mean the difference between losing your licence or keeping it.

Sydney Court Lawyers

Appearing in court can be a daunting process. There are procedures and rules to follow, and ways to argue your case to ensure the court hears your story. You do not have to do this on your own. Have a Go To Court expert traffic lawyer on your side.

Go To Court Lawyers can find you the best representation for your case. Our Sydney criminal and traffic lawyers are particularly experienced at sentence hearings and finding the best way to put your story before the judge or magistrate. They use their skills the aim of reducing the penalty imposed and have even been able to get some clients’ licences reinstated.

We also have the highest quality solicitors who are experienced in drink driving and negligent driving matters. See our Sydney drink driving lawyers.

You may wish to further appeal your sentence or the decision against you to the District Court. This is possible. It is highly recommended that you have legal representation in the District Court to ensure your matter is taken seriously and that all relevant matters are put before the judge for consideration.

Our Sydney Traffic Lawyers are available 7 days a week from 7am to midnight on the toll free number 1300 636 846 or our Sydney number (02) 9199 7540. We will chat with you about your traffic offence and assess your matter with no obligation.

Our lawyers will provide you with the best advice as to how to progress the matter. If you need a face-to-face consultation with one of our traffic lawyers or you need a lawyer to represent you in court, our Hotline Lawyers will arrange all of that for you. You will be matched with the highest quality traffic solicitor in Sydney or a suburb convenient to you or at the court. This can be arranged for you fast, when you need it.

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Sydney Traffic Lawyers

Our understanding and professional team in Sydney fights harder for your rights. We understand your situation and your wishes, be it any of the following:

  • You do not believe you did the offence and wish to dispute the charge in court;
  • The penalty imposed does not reflect the circumstances of your situation and you wish for a reduced penalty; or
  • You were convicted and fined in your absence as you were not properly notified of the hearing and wish to file an annulment application.

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