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South Hedland Lawyers | Expert Solicitors

Our Lawyers service the South Hedland Magistrates Court and provide expert advice and strong representation in all Western Australian legal cases in surrounding areas.

Our prices start from as little as $295.00*. So don’t get stressed – get organised!

Advice before court.

Come in and see your lawyer first for professional advice on how to prepare, what your strategy should be and what the possible outcomes are. Don’t risk your future.

Meet your lawyer at court.

If you have a simple case, or just want an adjournment for more time to prepare, your lawyer can often meet you at court without the need for a prior conference. In some cases, you won’t even need to be there.

“Experienced, professional and affordable help

for all your legal problems…”

*Your $295 (incl. GST) secures your lawyer for the first hour or part hour of their time. If your case is going to take more than one hour it will cost you more than $295. If so, your lawyer will tell you this, give you a quote before doing any additional work and make arrangements for further payment directly with you.

Our South Hedland Lawyers appear regularly in all South Hedland courts, as well as other Western Australian Regional and Metropolitan Courts.

South Hedland Magistrates Court

8 Hawke Place, South Hedland, WA, 6722
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