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Our Perth lawyers provide expert advice and strong representation in all Canningvale legal cases, as well as in surrounding areas.


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Legal proceedings can be daunting so it is important to consider who you have representing you. Our Canning Vale lawyers have intricate knowledge of the legal system in the area, which is important for the success of any case. Having a lawyer who is located near you makes it easier for you to meet and, stay in contact with them. This kind of support is often reassuring during stressful times.

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Civil Law

Civil law covers a vast array of legal matters, from recovery of an outstanding debt, to problems with employment such as workplace bullying or discrimination, wills and estates, bankruptcy, commercial disputes and litigation, and commercial and residential leasing.rnrnDealing with any civil law matter can be stressful and the legal processes involved difficult to navigate. Different rules apply to the different courts and tribunals, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Sometimes the best outcome is one that avoids the courts altogether and comes about through skilled mediation or dispute resolution. Strong legal advice, preferably obtained early in the process, lets you know exactly where you stand so that you can make a sound decision as to how to proceed.rnrnGo To Court Lawyers Canning Vale offers expert assistance in all areas of civil law and can easily guide you through the process and help you to get the best possible result. With experience in every court and tribunal in the area, and high-level negotiation and advocacy skills, our lawyers can be there for you every step of the way.rnrnIf you need a civil law matter resolved, no matter what the issue, our lawyers can help.

Criminal Law

Conviction for a criminal offence can have significant consequences for you and for your family. Even conviction for a minor offence can seriously impact on your career and limit your employment opportunities. It can also preclude you from travelling outside of Australia.rnrnIt is important, then, that you understand precisely what you are facing and what rights you hold before you discuss anything about your case with police and before you are required to present at court.rnrnObtaining strong legal advice early maximises the likelihood of a good outcome. Your lawyer can help you to decide whether you want to plead guilty to the charge or whether you wish to fight it. They can help you through the complex and often formidable processes of the criminal justice system. It may be possible for our expert lawyers to have the charges you are facing dropped or reduced to something less serious.rnrnWhether you are under investigation in relation to a suspected offence or have been charged, your request for bail has been refused, or maybe you want to appeal a prior conviction, we are there for you.rnrnHome to some of Australia’s best Accredited Criminal Law Specialists, Go To Court Lawyers offers you access to some of WA’s best Criminal defence lawyers. Well versed in local, state and federal law, our Criminal lawyers appear in all WA courts for all criminal law matters. They are personable and friendly, and work hard to provide a strong defence for, you – our client.

Drink Driving

Drink and drug driving offences can be very serious. Aside from the risk to yourself and others, they can involve significant penalties including heavy fines and the loss of your licence. Repeat offences, or those which result in, for example, a fatality or serious injury, can also mean a term of imprisonment.rnrnMany drivers charged with these offences have not had prior experience with the criminal justice system and can find it very daunting and stressful. If you have been charged with a drink or drug driving offence and are facing the prospect of appearing before the court, obtaining quality legal advice is important so that you know what your rights are, what the process will be, and how best to proceed.rnrnAt Go To Court Lawyers Canning Vale, our staff are experts in drink and drug driving law and can walk you through each step of the process. They will provide you with helpful advice and strong representation to ensure you receive the best possible outcome. They may even be able to advocate for the court to recognise drivers’ education as part of your sentence so that any other penalties will be minimised, and to help you to avoid committing another similar offence.

Family Law

Dealing with family issues such as separation, child custody or divorce can be very difficult emotionally and financially. They can turn your world upside down making it hard to get through the work day or function normally in your private life. Getting the right advice early can help you get on top of it before it becomes unmanageable.rnrnGo To Court Lawyers Canning Vale can guide you through the family law process, providing you with expert advice, and helping you put your matter behind you with as little fuss as possible. While our family lawyers are experienced in appearing before both the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court, they work hard to resolve your issues early and without the need for litigation.rnrnWe will support you through preliminary processes such as mediation or negotiation, and through the entire court process if necessary, to make sure you get the best outcome possible.rnrnIf you are facing a family law problem, let Go To Court Lawyers help. We can assist you with any family law matter, such as:

Traffic Law

Traffic offences such as hooning, driving in excess of the speed limit, driving without a licence, or failing to stop for police, carry potentially hefty fines and can result in the loss of your licence. It is important you obtain high-quality advice as early in the process as possible so that you know what you are facing and how best to manage it.rnrnAt Go To Court Lawyers Canning Vale, we understand what your licence means to you and your family, and know that losing it will likely cause you hardship. We also understand that a charge does not necessarily mean you are guilty.rnrnAfter having considered all aspects of your matter, our highly-skilled and insightful lawyers will advise you of your options, including whether or not you have a viable defence. They will lead you through the traffic law process, and, if no defence is available, help you to obtain the lowest penalty possible in your circumstances. In the event that you lose your licence, we may also be able to assist you to obtain a special or extraordinary licence so that you can maintain your employment.


Immigration law in Australia is a complicated area which changes frequently. The rules and regulations that applied yesterday may not be the same today. If your visa application has been rejected, or you are having issues with obtaining a visa such as a partner or 457 working visa, you should seek advice from an expert immigration lawyer as soon as you can. Serious penalties apply for breaches of immigration law so it is important you make sure you comply.rnrnGo To Court Lawyers Canning Vale are experts in all things immigration. If you are looking to appeal an immigration decision, we can help you prepare and submit your application for review to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, or prepare and lodge your submissions for a Ministerial Intervention Request. If you need help with an application for a refugee or student visa, or employer-sponsored migration, from highly complicated matters to the most simple, our lawyers can help.


The Western Australia Magistrates Court is at 501 Hay Street Perth, with the operating hours of 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. The Court House has been in operation since 1976.

If you are using public transport, buses from Perth Railway Station leave every 10 minutes or its a 10 minutes walk from the station. The metropolitan area of Perth sits on this one coastal plane, a strip located between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Scarp.

Perth was founded in 1829, after being discovered by Captain James Stirling and was officially declared a city in 1856.

Legal articles our Canning Vale clients have found helpful:

Prohibited Behaviour Orders in WA – A prohibited behaviour order is made by the Court which specifies certain restrictions to prevent you from engaging in future anti-social behaviour. Our Canning Vale lawyers understand the full implications of this type of order and can answer any questions you may have.

Debt Recovery WA – If you are owed money by a debtor who is reluctant to pay, there are a number of steps you can take to try and recover the amount owed to you. Our Canning Vale lawyers are experts in debt recovery and can help you get the best result from your situation.

Drug Testing in WA – In certain circumstances, police officers in Western Australia can require you to take part in a preliminary oral fluid test or a drug impairment assessment. This can be done for a number of reasons. However, it needs to be done correctly to be admissible in court. Our Canning Vale lawyers understand local drug and DUI laws, they fight to ensure their client’s rights have been respected. Make sure you contact our Canning Vale lawyers if you are at all unsure about your involvement with a possible drug or DUI offence.

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GTC Lawyers Canning Vale

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