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Brisbane Civil Lawyers

Experienced, effective and affordable.

Civil law is a complex area of legal practice involving dispute resolution. If you have a civil law problem it is difficult to know what type of legal expertise you need and where to find the right lawyer.

When you call Go To Court Brisbane lawyers you are connected with a highly qualified solicitor who can advise you as to what area of legal expertise you require and match you with a lawyer with the experience you need.

As Go To Court lawyers has offices all over Brisbane, in the CBD and in the suburbs, we can match you with a lawyer at a location convenient to you.

We do the leg work for you so you do not have to run around finding the right lawyer. That is our difference.

We have a wide range of legal expertise to meet your needs

Our areas of legal expertise include:

  • Commercial matters – Do you need a commercial contract drawn up or a corporate legal expert to review your contract for your business? Most large commercial law firms are incredibly expensive. Go To Court Brisbane civil lawyers will provide you with excellent commercial law advice at an affordable price. No commercial matter is too big or too small. We can advise on a discrete legal issue as a bespoke service or we can become your general commercial lawyer for your business.
  • Employment matters – Are you being harassed at work or you believe that you have been discriminated against? Do you want legal advice regarding your employment rights, such as maternity or paternity leave or your rights as a temporary contract worker? Perhaps you are a new employer and you would like a number of employment contracts drafted. Go To Court lawyers has a vast network of highly experienced Brisbane employment lawyers who can provide you with legal advice on any aspect of employment law.
  • Insolvency or debt recovery – Are you chasing a debt? Have you been served a letter of demand? Does someone owe you money? Is your business possibly going insolvent? Or has a creditor appointed a receiver for your business? These are all complex areas of debt and insolvency law that could significantly affect you both personally and professionally. Go To Court Brisbane civil lawyers can explain this complex area of law in an understandable way. You will be provided with sound advice to know how best to resolve this legal stress.
  • Property matters or tenancy disputes – Do you need advice on a property contract? Or perhaps there is a dispute with your neighbour, tenant, or strata management? Go To Court Brisbane lawyers can arrange for you to have a face-to-face consultation with any one of our quality civil lawyers to discuss any type of property or tenancy issue.
  • Council matters – Have you just received a council notice regarding development near your business or residence? Go To Court Brisbane lawyers deal with council complaints from many of its clients and are highly experienced in administrative law and representing their clients in administrative tribunals.

All our Go To Court Brisbane civil lawyers are also experienced litigation lawyers. Whilst we always try our best to find a solution that does not require litigation, if you do need representation in court, you can feel confident that you have that expertise on your side.

How can Go To Court lawyers help you?

Go To Court Brisbane lawyers is about providing you with fast and affordable advice to move your matter toward resolution.

Call our Legal Hotline on 1300 636 846 or our Brisbane number on (07) 3188 3933 and speak with one of our experienced solicitors. Alternatively you can web-chat with us or leave your details and we can contact you.

We are available 7 days a week from 7am to midnight.

We will listen to your legal scenario and assess your legal matter for free on our Legal Hotline. If you need a further face-to-face consultation or legal representation, the Hotline Lawyer will find you the right legal expertise for your matter in an area convenient to you. Our solicitor will arrange everything for you. It is that simple.

Go To Court Brisbane lawyers knows that civil legal problems, no matter how big or small, are stressful and hard to understand. If you call us today, we will explain the legal jargon and you can feel confident you are matched with the best civil lawyer on your side.

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GTC Lawyers Brisbane

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C. Hansen

Alanna was fantastic, couldn’t have asked for anyone better, she tended to my needs, was there when I needed her and also had great communication. She was kind and consecrate of my needs and did a fantastic job.

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