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Have you being charged with a criminal offence? Are you being dealt with by the police for criminal charges?

You should not have to face this alone. You have the right to a lawyer. Go To Court Lawyers will work hard to ensure that you are legally represented throughout this process. Depending on the offence, it could possibly be the difference between going home tonight on bail or going to prison.

Whatever your involvement, Go To Court can help

Whatever role you may be playing in the criminal process, Go To Court Lawyers can assist you.

If you are the defendant

If you are the defendant – you are probably very concerned about the consequences of the charges. If you speak with one of our solicitors via our legal hotline or web-chat we will assess your situation free of charge and connect you with the top criminal lawyer or specialist for your particular circumstance. We can answer your ‘where to from here?’ questions, and we will put you on the right path toward resolution.

If you are the victim or a witness

If you are the victim or a witness – you may have questions about the trial process and what is going to occur, what is expected of you in giving evidence, or you may want to speak with a lawyer before you give any evidence to police. As a victim or witness you would likely have already dealt with the police but you are also entitled to personal assistance and support. Don’t feel that you need to remain in the dark on these issues. Call us at Go To Court Lawyers and we can help you.

If you are the victim, you may be considering applying for a Family or Personal Safety Intervention Order. Go To Court Lawyers has a specialised network of criminal lawyers who are highly experienced with Intervention Order applications. You don’t need to shop around. Call us and we will find a lawyer or legal firm for you.

The consequences can be serious but representation makes a difference

However you wish to proceed, Go To Court can help

If you wish to dispute the charge

You may wish to dispute the claim that an offence occurred. If you have quality representation from a top criminal lawyer, he or she will ensure the police are put to proof – that is, we will make sure the police have the evidence they need to prove the offence. Specialist Melbourne criminal lawyers are very familiar with the rules of evidence and will strive to ensure only admissible evidence is seen or heard by the judge, magistrate or jury in a Melbourne court.

Go To Court can provide you with the type of committed and experienced representation that can mean the difference between you being found guilty or not guilty of the charges.

If you wish to plead guilty but want to submit arguments for sentencing

You may wish to plead guilty but you are entitled to explain to the court that there is more to you than just the offence.

Good character, provocation, whether you were undergoing a stressful time in your life, whether you were intoxicated, whether you were remorseful, whether you have undergone any type of rehabilitation program, whether you have paid monies back to the victim (if applicable) are all matters that can work to reduce your penalty.

Go To Court can connect you with a lawyer who can provide expert advice on sentencing and will advocate for your best interests in court. It may mean the difference between a good behaviour bond or a term of imprisonment. For offences that are low on the scale of seriousness, our Go To Court specialist criminal Melbourne lawyers will submit any arguments that may work to reduce your penalty from a conviction to a dismissal.

Telephone us today

The Go To Court Lawyers legal telephone hotline is open 7 days a week from 7am to midnight. You can call toll free on 1300 636 846 or on the Melbourne number (03) 9999 9711 at no cost to you for our assessment today.

We will assess your matter and advise you on how best to proceed. We will then match you with the right specialist criminal law who is an expert in the relevant area. Our network of lawyers covers the entire Melbourne area – the CBD or greater Melbourne. We will arrange the first meeting for you.

Go To Court can answer your questions today and find the best lawyer to represent or defend you in court. Feel legally supported with Go To Court Melbourne criminal lawyers.

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