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Katoomba Lawyers: Expert New South Wales Solicitors

Go To Court Lawyers are in Katoomba. If you have a court case coming up in Katoomba, or need some comprehensive legal advice, our lawyers are ready to help. Our experienced team is located at 89 Lurline Street, Katoomba.

Go To Court’s Katoomba lawyers are available for appointments in person, via telephone and videoconference. Request an appointment with Go To Court Lawyers Katoomba with our online booking tool, or call our Legal Hotline on 1800 636 846.

Our Legal Hotline is open 7 am to midnight, 7 days a week. Call us for a confidential, no-obligation discussion about your legal matter.

Go To Court Lawyers covers all types of legal cases. We also appear in all Katoomba courts and surrounding areas.

Criminal Law

Go To Court Lawyers Katoomba are experienced in providing advice and representation for all criminal matters. Our lawyers are well-versed in local, state and federal law. Seeking their assistance early on will maximise the likelihood of a positive outcome for you.   Our lawyers will provide you with timely advice from when charges are laid, to representation, to bail applications and sentencing. We can help you to decide whether you should plead guilty or defend yourself against a charge. Go To Court Lawyers may be able to have your charges dropped, or reduced to something less serious. Our Katoomba lawyers also provide advice in relation to police searches and assistance in parole applications. Your Go To Court Lawyer will handle every step of the process and fight for your defence.

Family Law

Family law matters can often be emotionally and financially difficult. Our Katoomba lawyers understand that such matters need a sensitive and common sense approach.  Go To Court Lawyers is here to guide you with expert advice on all areas of family law.   Our lawyers aim to resolve your legal issues early through mediation or negotiation. However, if litigation is necessary, our lawyers are experienced in appearing before the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court. Go To Court Lawyers in Katoomba are here to assist you with legal matters in the following areas: de-facto relationshipscivil unions  separationprenuptial agreements divorcespousal maintenance, property settlementchild support, and arranging for access to children. We can also assist with matters such as obtaining consent orders and enforce property orders in the Family Court on your behalf. Our Katoomba lawyers can also provide advice and representation for more complex matters, such as a supervision order or an international child abduction application.

Civil Law

The experts at Go To Court Lawyers Katoomba specialise in representation and advice for all types of civil law matters. Our lawyers are here to support you through mediation and dispute resolution processes.   Our lawyers specialise in the following areas: debt recoveryworkplace bullying and discrimination, and wills and estates (including probate). They also specialise in alternative dispute resolution, commercial disputes and leasing, and residential leasing. If you need a civil law matter resolved, no matter what the issue, our lawyers can help.

Drink Driving

Go To Court Lawyers in Katoomba are here to represent you for serious drink and drug driving offences. Our lawyers can provide you with expert advice for avoiding significant penalties, such as heavy fines and the loss of your licence.   Repeat offenders may face imprisonment, so it is vital that you seek advice from one of our experienced solicitors. Our lawyers will also advocate for drivers’ education as part of your sentence, to minimise any other penalties. Such an outcome can help you to avoid committing another similar offence. Our Katoomba lawyers will guide you through each step of defending your drink or drug driving charge.

Traffic Law

Go To Court’s Katoomba Lawyers are here to provide advice and representation for your traffic offences.   Some examples of the offences our lawyers deal with include hooningdriving without a licence or whilst suspended, and failing to stop for police. These offences carry hefty fines and can result in the loss of your licence. You should get expert advice early in the process so you know how to best approach the matter. Our lawyers will let you know whether you have a viable defence. If no defence is available, we will advocate for the lowest penalty possible in your circumstances. In the event that you lose your licence, we may be able to assist you in restoring your licence.


If you are looking at temporary or permanent residence in Australia, it is essential to obtain legal advice from an experienced migration lawyer. Australian migration law is constantly being updated, with amendments passing Australia’s Parliament every month. It can be hard to keep track with what level of English you require, how to obtain a skills assessment, and what the sponsorship obligations are when employing an overseas worker. Go To Court’s lawyers are experienced in handling migration matters. From visa applications to appeals, your migration status is in safe hands.


GTC Lawyers Appear In Katoomba Court House

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GTC Lawyers Appear In Katoomba Court House

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