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Salisbury Drink Driving Lawyers | Expert Drink Driving Solicitors

Go To Court Drink Driving Lawyers Salisbury

We Fight Harder For Your Rights!

If the police have charged you with a Drink Driving or Drug Driving offence, or you believe they are about to, it’s time to get represented!

Drink and drug driving offences are taken very seriously. If you are charged, you face the prospect of a heavy fine and possibly the loss of your driver’s licence. It is likely you will need to appear in court. Penalties for low range offences vary. Representation by an expert lawyer can make the difference between the suspension or revocation of your licence or having it reinstated.

For more serious offences, or if you have previously committed a drink or drug driving offence, the penalties can be severe. Engaging an expert lawyer to represent and support you will ensure that the court sees beyond the offence to the person and the family affected.

At Go To Court Lawyers Salisbury, our drink driving lawyers are dedicated to defending your rights. We focus on giving you quality advice and effective representation. You can call our legal advice hotline on 1300 636 846 any time between 7:00am until midnight, 7 days a week and talk directly to a lawyer. They will provide a free no obligation case assessment and advise the best way forward. If you need representation or would like a face-to-face consultation, our telephone lawyers can match you with a drink driving expert and arrange a meeting at a location convenient to you, at an affordable price, and fast.

If you or someone you know has been charged with drink driving or drug driving, call Go To Court Lawyers Salisbury, and take the worry out of the process.

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