Help - I Have A Debt Collector Chasing Me! [Video]

How to deal with debt collectors harassing you.

The first step is to establish how much you owe and if you owe the debt that they’re chasing. The best way to attempt to resolve it first of all is to try negotiating.

You should contact them, establish what you owe, see if you can negotiate with them and come to an arrangement about how much you can pay, how you can pay it, what they will accept in terms of payment. If the debt collector is harassing or hounding you, continually approaching you, continually making approaches and advances and you’re not comfortable, you can complain to the financial services ombudsman. If the debt collector is chasing on behalf of the credit company or financial institution, you can contact them about it.

But essentially if a debt collector makes contact, it’s because they’re attempting to serve you with something, they’re attempting to collect the debt that you owe, so you do need to respond, you do need to make contact and you do need to try and sort out the debt and try and establish what it is they want and try to come to an arrangement but certainly you shouldn’t feel intimidated and you shouldn’t feel harassed and if you do, you have the right to take that further.

Advice Before Court:

We recommend booking a one hour conference with your civil lawyer before going to court. You will get expert advice on what you should do, the likely outcome and any preparation you need to do beforehand. You will also get a fixed quote on the cost for you to be represented in your local court on the day.

Court Lawyers:

If you prefer, you can meet your lawyer at your local court without the need for a conference beforehand. Some examples of when this will suit you are adjournments, simple pleas or when your case is listed for directions from the court (not a final hearing). And if you are not on bail, you may not even need to attend.

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