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Springwood Family Lawyers: Understanding and Supportive Solicitors

The Go To Court team of family lawyers in Springwood are experienced in taking the stress out of any family law matter. Led by Accredited Family Law Specialist, Rachel Gillies, our Springwood family lawyers have the experience and the skills to resolve your legal issue.

No one wants to have to be in the situation where they need a family lawyer. It is and emotional time of crisis for many of us. Our Springwood family lawyers understand this and provide their exceptional advice and representation with a personal touch. Knowing you means knowing your case, increasing the chances of a better outcome.

Understanding lawyers to assist you in any family law matter, available every day

We are different here at Go To Court Lawyers. We operate a Legal Hotline on 1300 636 846 which is operated by qualified and experienced lawyers who are ready to take your call.

Our Legal Hotline is available outside business hours – from 7am to midnight, every day. Because we know that legal issues do not just happen during regular office hours.

That is our difference and our promise to you.

Common family law issues our Springwood lawyers can assist with

Our Springwood family lawyers regularly obtain good results of our clients. Some cases are more complex than others which is why it is important to seek advice early. The earlier and more experienced the legal support, the better the outcome. This also can reduce the financial and emotional costs.

Property settlement

It may well be that you and your former partner have agreed to a property settlement. This is great and is the first step. But an informal agreement will not protect your financial interests if your former partner changes their mind.

With many years’ experience, our Springwood family lawyers assist many of our clients with drawing up and obtaining property consent orders. These ensure that your financial interests are protected and the agreement you have made with your former partner is honoured.

Without a skilful family lawyer, property settlements and consent orders can go awry. Do not risk your future. Call our no-obligation Legal Hotline today.

Child support

Whether it is you believe your former partner is not paying enough or you are paying too much, our Springwood family lawyers can assist you in your unique situation.

Our lawyers are experienced in obtaining court orders to enforce debts for child support. We also represent many clients on the other side – with an in-depth understanding of the situation, our lawyers regularly convince the court to hand down a judgment in our clients’ best interests.

More information about child support can be found in our dedicated article, Child Support: The Basics.

Obtaining a divorce if married overseas

Our Springwood lawyers regularly get asked what the process is in obtaining a divorce when they were married overseas. One of the key things to remember is that if you are the one applying for divorce, you have to satisfy the court that you live permanently in Australia and have separated (lived apart) from your spouse for at least 12 months.

Applications for obtaining a divorce in Australia can be lodged with the Federal Circuit Court online. However, things can get complicated quickly when it comes to property settlement and child custody issues as strict time limits apply. This is why it is important to speak with a skilful family lawyer about these issues before finalising your divorce.

More information can be found in Obtaining a Divorce if Married Overseas.

Free and helpful family law resources written and edited by lawyers

In addition to our exceptional service and first-class Legal Hotline, we also make available hundreds of family law articles on our website. Our legal articles have been carefully written and edited by lawyers in plain English so they are easy to read.

Here are some of the most popular family law articles read by our clients:

There is no substitute for the real thing: Contact a Springwood family lawyer today

There are some questions that can only be answered because of years of training and experience. Our Springwood family lawyers are understanding and save you money through providing easy to understand advice. They will explain each of the processes and the reasons why the law has certain requirements. A Go To Court family lawyer strives to take the stress away from your legal issues, so you can spend time on what is important to you.

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