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Perth Civil Lawyers: Experienced Dispute Resolution Solicitors

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What type of civil disputes do we cover?

Go To Court civil lawyers has a large network of Perth law firms, legal practices and solicitors so there is no legal matter we cannot help you on. For example, your dispute may involve the following:

  • Your neighbour – are you having a boundary issue? Has a fence been illegally installed? Building problems? Whatever the dispute, Go To Court lawyers understands it is incredibly stressful disputing with the people you live next door to. We understand the need to resolve it, and where possible, by the least litigious means.
    Our expert Perth civil lawyers are highly qualified court lawyers but also experts at mediation. A less litigious and affordable resolution will always be considered, whatever the civil dispute, and you can be assured committed representation.
  • Customers and suppliers or business partners – Does you matter involve a debt? Has there been a breach of a supplier’s contract? Perhaps there has been a rift in your relationship with your business partner?
    Go To Court Perth civil lawyers has a network of commercial law firms which can provide expert advice at a cost effective price. You can have your contract reviewed, renegotiated or repudiated. And if you are trying to recover a debt, our civil lawyers understand and are experienced in debt recovery. It is important these procedures are met if you want your debt enforced.

These are just two examples of civil disputes. Go To Court lawyers can help you with any type of civil matter, whether it be disputes between any of the following:

  • Landlords and tenants;
  • Buyers and sellers of property;
  • Home owners and builders;
  • Employees and employers; and
  • Executors or beneficiaries in deceased estates.

How our lawyers in Perth can help you

We have a Legal Hotline which is available 7 days a week from 4am to 10pm. When you call us you will be quickly connected to a highly qualified solicitor. Our solicitors will do the following:

  1. Listen to your legal problem;
  2. Assess your circumstances
  3. Inform you on the best way to progress your matter toward resolution; and
  4. If you need, match you with the right legal expert to provide you with dedicated and expert legal advice and representation.

We have a unique legal ranking system which allows us to determine who is the best matched lawyer for your matter. The Hotline Lawyer will then arrange the first face-to-face consultation for you.

Because we have offices all around Perth, in the CBD and outer suburbs, we can find the right civil lawyer in a location convenient for you.

There are no hidden fees and no confusing contracts. All it takes is a phone call.

Go To Court lawyers is not limited by office hours

Go To Court lawyers understands that different kinds of civil disputes have different time limitations. It is important that you seek legal advice quickly to find out if you can commence legal proceedings.

Our Perth solicitors will advise you on whether there are time limits that are running out and, if there are, we can find you the best advocate – fast. Because we are available days a week, 4am to 10pm, we are not limited to helping you in office hours only. If you need help quickly, we will find it, quickly.

Call us on 1300 636 846 or on our dedicated Perth number on (08) 6555 4698 and speak with a solicitor now. Alternatively you can chat to us via web-chat on our website or leave us your details and we can contact you. See also Go To Court Civil Lawyers Western Australia.

With Go To Court Perth lawyers you can feel confident you have experience and the highest quality civil lawyers on your side.

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