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Brisbane Criminal Lawyers: The Experts in Criminal Law

Being charged with an offence or being questioned by police can be stressful. A conviction, even for a minor offence can have consequences for your future employment and family.

The Go To Court Lawyers criminal law team in Brisbane are focused on achieving good outcomes. This is why our Brisbane criminal lawyers provide professional and tailored advice and representation so our clients have the best possible chances for success.

The criminal justice system can be a minefield. We have a number of articles which aim to demystify the criminal law process in plain English.

Articles our Brisbane clients find helpful

We pride ourselves on our award-winning website. To assist all Australians, not just our clients, we make available criminal law articles which are in plain English. This way, you are able to find the information you are looking for and it is easy to understand.

Some articles our Brisbane clients find helpful are:

Our legal articles are written and edited by lawyers. While we do all that we can to ensure the accuracy of the information in our articles, nothing compares to personalised advice from a qualified lawyer.

If you still have questions, our Legal Hotline is staffed by lawyers who understand how criminal law applies in Queensland. Our Legal Hotline lawyers are available 7am to midnight, 7 days a week.

How Go To Court Lawyers can help you

Go To Court Brisbane criminal lawyers can provide you with quality representation and good advice. You can depend on us. We have a network of criminal law firm specialists and criminal law experts who provide reliable, accurate advice and strong advocacy in your time of need.

Our Brisbane criminal lawyers explain complicated areas of law in an understandable way. We work hard and keep you informed of every step.

Go To court Lawyers Brisbane criminal law team also understand that you want your criminal law matter handled in a cost effective way. Our Brisbane solicitors get you and will often try to resolve your matter with police to have charges reduced, and sometimes dropped.

Our Brisbane criminal lawyers are prepared and are great thinkers on their feet. They are comfortable in all courts in Brisbane and will seek the best outcomes available to you.

Our experience and expertise

Our Brisbane criminal law practitioners are experienced in the following:

  • Bail applications;
  • Pleadings and sentencing;
  • Criminal law trials;
  • Summary and indictable offences;
  • Fines; and
  • Police misconduct applications.

Our approachable and friendly team of Brisbane criminal lawyers are there to guide you through the process, every step of the way.

Our Brisbane lawyers have access to criminal law accredited specialists

Our Brisbane criminal law team are experienced, professional and committed to your defence. Whether you are in need of representation at trial, for sentencing or bail, we are here for you.

Our Brisbane criminal lawyers are experienced with corresponding with police. Often they are able to get charges reduced and in some cases dropped completely for our clients.

The key to a good outcome is fast advice from a good lawyer

A successful criminal law outcome in Brisbane is to seek the advice and support of an experienced criminal lawyer as soon as possible. The faster you can get good advice, the more options you will have for a successful outcome, in most circumstances.

Do not wait until it is too late.

Telephone Go To Court criminal lawyers today

Contact our Brisbane criminal lawyers today on 1300 636 846 or on our Brisbane number (07) 3188 3933. Our lawyers are available seven days a week from 7am to midnight. We guarantee that you can speak to one of our professional, experienced and helpful solicitors.

The lawyer will assess your criminal law matter for free and provide you with recommendations on what to do next. If need be, the solicitor will match you with the right lawyer to represent you or provide detailed advice based on your situation.

Go To Court Lawyers operates throughout Brisbane, the CBD and surrounding suburbs.

We use our unique legal ranking system which ensures you get the best advice at an affordable price. Our lawyers do not have complicated contracts or hidden fees.

You no longer need to feel uncertain about your situation. Everything we do is timely so that you can get the best advice and representation you deserve.  We fight harder for your rights.

Recent criminal law news

We keep informed on what is relevant in criminal law in Queensland. Here is some of the most recent news straight off the blog:

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