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Brisbane Traffic Lawyers and Affordable Solicitors

Traffic accident and incident lawyers nearby in Brisbane

Being charged with a traffic offence, no matter how minor, and facing a conviction can have serious consequences. A conviction can affect your chances of employment, your chances of travel or your ability to obtain a visa. Having the right legal expertise on your side can be crucial for traffic offences because, particularly for a first time offender, it could mean the difference between a conviction or a dismissal of the charge.

Go To Court Brisbane lawyers specialize in traffic accident and incident legal representation. Our lawyers have extensive experience with criminal law, drink driving offenses, DUI related offences, traffic violations and traffic infractions. We strive to make sure that the court hears your story and knows why a penalty can affect you.

We are committed to fighting for outcomes that are just, and provide experienced legal guidance to ensure your case is presented properly in Magistrates, District or Supreme Courts – whether it be at first instance or on appeal.

Go To Court Brisbane lawyers are highly experienced in traffic and infringement offences. We represent large numbers of clients and fight for outcomes that are just.


We recommend booking a 1 hour conference with one of our traffic lawyers before going to court. You will get legal advice on the likely outcome and any preparation you need to do beforehand. You will also get a fixed quote on the cost to be represented in court. Request an appointment online with Go To Court Lawyers Brisbane or call us to get the help from one of our experienced traffic law specialists.

How our Brisbane traffic lawyers can help

Go To Court Lawyers provides tailored advice to individuals charged with any kind of traffic offence. The team can advise on your best course of action and representation if you are at the stage where you are considering a court dispute.

You can get representation for all types of low level traffic offences, including but not limited to: Not indicating when changing lanes; Texting on your smartphone whilst driving; and Not parking within a certain distance from the kerb.

Our professional team of lawyers also specialise in providing high-level representation for more serious traffic offences such as driving without a license, driving whilst suspended, speeding, DUI or drink driving, negligent and reckless driving. Our experienced lawyers will work hard to help reduce fines and/or minimise other penalties that you may face if convicted of any one of these offences.

To access our free legal advice service and arrange for legal representation if needed, contact us now. We are happy to answer any questions about traffic law services that you may have.

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