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Brisbane Traffic Lawyers: Experienced Traffic Solicitors

Being charged with a traffic offence, no matter how minor, and facing a conviction can have serious consequences. A conviction can affect your chances of employment, your chances of travel or your ability to obtain a visa.

Having the right legal expertise on your side can be crucial for traffic offences because, particularly for a first time offender, it could mean the difference between a conviction or a dismissal of the charge.

Go To Court Brisbane lawyers are highly experienced in traffic and infringement offences. We represent large numbers of clients and fight for outcomes that are just.

We have a network of lawyers experienced in not only traffic offences but also criminal law, drink driving offending and DUI related offences. Our lawyers are highly qualified to represent you in any court – Magistrates, District or Supreme Courts – whether it is at first instance or on appeal.

Go To Court Brisbane lawyers will strive to ensure the court hears your story, knows who you are, and understands why a penalty can significantly affect you.

What Go To Court Brisbane traffic lawyers can do for you

Low level fine only offences

Low level traffic offences in Queensland include the following:

  • Not indicating when changing lanes;
  • Texting on your smartphone whilst driving; and
  • Not parking within a certain distance from the kerb.

You may want to dispute the infringement fine for an offence of this kind. Call our Legal Hotline and we can provide you with advice as to how with no obligation.

If you are at stage where the matter may be disputed in court and you would like legal representation, we will arrange it for you. Using our unique legal ranking system, we can match you with any one of our experienced traffic lawyers in any area throughout Brisbane, in the Brisbane CBD or a suburb convenient for you.

Serious traffic offences

Serious traffic offences include driving without a license, driving whilst suspended, speeding, DUI or drink driving, negligent and reckless driving.

For these offences you can face more than just a fine. You may have a conviction entered against you, be further disqualified from driving, fined significant amounts, and in some serious cases imprisonment.

Go To Court Brisbane lawyers will arrange for committed and quality representation in court.

If a suspension of your licence significantly affects your business, we will let the court knows this and attempt to have your licence re-instated.

If you have a clean record or you are of good character, our Brisbane traffic lawyers will ensure the Magistrate or Judge considers this when determining an appropriate penalty.

Perhaps there were matters going on in your life around the time of the incident which may explain your behaviour. Our specialist traffic court lawyers will explain this to the court.

If you found out a conviction for a traffic offence was entered in your absence, our Brisbane traffic lawyers knows how to apply to the court to have the conviction annulled.

In addition, you may feel that the outcome in your matter was unjust or that your penalty may have seemed harsh. Our lawyers are highly professional appellate lawyers with a wealth of District Court and Supreme Court appeal experience.

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Go To Court Brisbane lawyers has a Legal Hotline 1300 636 846. Our solicitors are available 7 days a week from 7am to midnight. We have offices throughout Brisbane, in the CBD and surrounding suburbs.

No query is too big or too small

If you simply have some traffic law questions, call us and we can assist. You may not know where to begin with the matter. Our solicitor will provide you with a free assessment toward resolution.

If you need a lawyer to represent you in court, Go To Court lawyers will match you with a specialised court lawyer for traffic offences in Brisbane. We arrange everything for you.

All our lawyers are cost effective, with no hidden fees.

Simply call us and have Go To Court lawyers help you. The right representation could make a significant difference to your penalty.

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