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Southport Criminal Lawyers: Local experts in Criminal Law

The Southport team of experienced criminal lawyers are here to help.

Being questioned by the police or being charged can be an extremely stressful experience. The answers you give police during questioning will be used against you if you end up in court.

What is more, the answers you give in questioning are often the very evidence the police will use to lay charges against you. Convictions, no matter how minor, can have serious consequences for current and future employment, overseas travel and even a simple Blue Card to work with children.

The Go to Court criminal law team are focused on giving you the best outcome you can achieve in your circumstances. Our Southport criminal lawyers provide professional advice tailored to your situation.

The criminal justice system can seem to be a convoluted minefield. We have hundreds of articles to assist you with common criminal law issues, written and edited by lawyers for people without law degrees.

Some pages our Southport clients find helpful

Our legal pages and articles are written and edited by lawyers. While we do everything we can to ensure the relevance to your situation, we know everyone’s circumstances are different.

Some of our most popular criminal law articles include:

As webpages can only give general advice, we recommend you contact a qualified lawyer to discuss your particular problem. Before talking with police, make sure you contact a Southport lawyer to prevent unwittingly giving them information to charge you with.

If you still have questions, our Legal Hotline is staffed by criminal lawyers who know how the law applies in Queensland. Our Legal Hotline lawyers are available from 7 am until midnight, 7 days a week.

How our Southport criminal lawyers can help you

Go To Court Southport criminal lawyers can provide you with good legal advice and quality representation in court. You can rely on our lawyers to guide you through your problems with reliable, accurate advice and strong advocacy in your time of need.

Our Southport criminal lawyers will translate complicated legal jargon into plain English and keep you in the loop at every step. We advise or attend police interviews and fight for you at every step if you need to go to court.

Our Southport criminal law team understand that you want accurate and robust representation. You want your criminal law matter handled in a cost effective way.

The criminal law team in Southport often liaise with police on behalf of our clients, and we may be able to get your charges reduced and sometimes even dropped depending upon your particular circumstances. If you are found guilty, our Southport criminal lawyers can strenuously argue for mitigating circumstances in sentencing, and advise you if appealing the decision is an option.

Our criminal lawyers come to court prepared and with your case solely on their minds. They are comfortable appearing in all courts and will always seek the best outcomes for you.

Our experience and expertise

Our Southport criminal law practitioners are experienced in the following:

Our friendly and down-to-earth criminal lawyers in Southport are here to assist you through every step of the criminal justice process.

Our Southport criminal lawyers are led by an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist

Our Southport criminal law team is experienced, professional and committed to defending you in the criminal justice. Whether you need representation for a trial, sentencing or bail, we are here for you.

You can feel at ease knowing the advice and representation you receive is led by Accredited Criminal Law Specialist, Mitchel Cavanagh.

If the police want to question you, call us straight away for legal assistance.

Whatever you say can be used against you and your evidence from even an ‘off the record’ conversation with police can be used as evidence by police to lay charges on you. Remember, there is no such thing as an ‘off the record’ conversation’ with police. If the police want to ask you some questions, politely tell them you are contacting your lawyer first.

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GTC Lawyers Appear In Southport Court House

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