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Melbourne Traffic Lawyers: Experienced Traffic Solicitors

Our Melbourne traffic lawyers understand that anyone on the roads can find themselves charged with an offence. We fight hard for all of our clients and understand that a charge does not mean you are guilty.

You should not have to feel like the problem is too big and just pay the fine. You have a right to defend yourself against the charges. Melbourne traffic lawyers will fight it with you.

Range of traffic offences means a range of penalties

Victoria takes traffic law seriously.

Victorian traffic offences start at low level infringement or fine offences. These include not wearing a seat belt, texting or using your smartphone whilst driving.

Traffic offences in Victoria then increase in seriousness to offences such as driving without a licence, driving whilst suspended, speeding, drink-driving, or reckless driving. You can face more than just an infringement fine for these offences. You could also be looking at having a conviction entered against you, being further disqualified from driving or even imprisonment in some serious cases.

Go To Court Lawyers has the expertise to tackle any type of traffic law offence

Because of the variety of traffic law offences, there are also a variety of penalties that may be imposed. The right representation means the difference between a fine or losing your licence.

Our Melbourne traffic lawyers are experts in Victorian traffic law.

With a Go To Court Lawyer on your side, the court will see there is more to you than just the offence.

We understand how important your licence is to you

You may need to drive for your business to run. We will strive to ensure the court hears that and a suspension of your licence may be extra-curial punishment in the circumstance.

You may have driven for a significant period of time without any record. Go To Court lawyers will do their best to have judge take note of that when considering the penalty.

You may feel you have been charged unjustifiably. We are passionate about ending miscarriages of justice. Our lawyers collect all the necessary evidence, put the police to proof and argue your case in court.

We understand that your penalty may have seemed harsh to you in the circumstances. We can arrange for a highly professional Melbourne appellate traffic infringement lawyer to appeal the fine or sentence.

Finally, you may have had the fine or conviction unreasonably entered in your absence without you previously being notified. Go To Court Lawyers can apply to have the matter re-heard.

How Go To Court lawyers work?

Go To Court Melbourne traffic lawyers operates a Legal Hotline which is available 7 days a week from 7am to midnight. Simply call toll free on 1300 636 846 or through our Melbourne number on (03) 9999 9711.

Our solicitors are on call, via this phone line or web-chat. You can explain to us your infringement fine or traffic offence.

At absolutely no cost to you we assess your legal situation and advise you on the best way forward

Should you need to speak with a lawyer face-to-face, our Hotline Lawyers will find the right lawyer for you. We arrange these meetings at locations convenient to you, in Melbourne, CBD or an outer suburb.

We have a unique legal ranking system which networks with only the highest quality of exceptional traffic and criminal lawyers. They will be cost effective, with no hidden fees.

If you need court representation Go To Court Lawyers can arrange a highly skilled traffic law litigator, DUI lawyer or criminal lawyer to appear in court on your behalf. This can be arranged even at very short notice.

Your lawyer will be committed to your case and be cost effective

Network of lawyers to cover many areas of law throughout Melbourne

We have a network of lawyers within many Melbourne law firms, including our own. So if your traffic offence touches on other legal matters, such as drink driving offending or criminal offending, we can help you.

You do not need to shop around to find all the right lawyers with the right expertise. When you call us, you will be matched to the right lawyer with expertise in the areas of law relevant to your situation.

That leaves you time to focus on your matter, rather than have the added stress of trying to know which type of expert lawyer you require and where to find them.

Do not do this on your own. Have Go To Court Lawyers help you

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