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Going through a divorce or separation can be an incredibly emotional time for you. In addition to the ordinary matters to consider in a divorce or separation (such as who gets what) there are possibly financial agreements to be made, property settlement issues, business agreements or ventures to be reconsidered and contracts to be amended, tax issues to consider and of course, if you have children with your partner, there is difficult process of negotiating child living arrangements.

You want to know you have the right family lawyer on your side.

Go To Court Melbourne family lawyers have a network of family law firm specialists that will give you the most experienced and committed representation and support during this time. Our network of family law solicitors are specialised in divorce and separation matters, de-facto relationships, child support, pre-nuptial agreements, custody arrangements, property settlement matters and commercial matters.

We can match you with an experienced and cost effective lawyer fast in the Melbourne CBD or a suburb close to you.

How Go To Court lawyers can help you

Our service works in two steps. First, you telephone us or chat to us via web-chat. Or you can leave us your contact details via web-chat and we will contact you. You are guaranteed at this stage to speak with our experienced, professional and friendly solicitors.

We will then provide you with a free assessment of your family law situation. You may have questions about the process; queries about what to do next and importantly you may not know who to get the right advice from. We will give you sound legal advice as to how to proceed having assessed your matter.

Secondly, using our unique legal ranking system we will then match you with the right family lawyer in an area convenient for you. We have a wide network of family law firms across Melbourne and Victoria. If you need a further face-to-face consultation or representation the solicitor that you speak with will arrange it for you. There are no hidden fees or confusing contracts or costs when you deal with us.

The Go to Court Legal hotline is open from 7am to midnight, 7 days a week. You can call us toll free at 1300 636 846 or on (03) 9999 9711 or leave your details with us and we will call you. Let us help you on the right track to getting the answers you need.

Family Law experts in all areas

Our network of family law solicitors has qualifications in all aspects of family law. They are also highly experience at appearing in the Family Law Court or Federal Court. Our lawyers will always endeavour to resolve the matter in the most cost effective and least litigious ways, if that is in your best interests. They will consider mediation, and the now modern approach of collaboration. Whatever the approach, Go To Court lawyers aims to achieve prompt resolution so that you can move on with the next chapter in your life.

We understand at Go To Court Lawyers that family law matters can touch upon several aspects of law. Because we have a network of lawyers in our referral service we can find the right law firm that has lawyers covering all your relevant legal needs. For instance:

  • You may need a good civil lawyer to help amend your wills or other nuptials – we have a wide network of outstanding civil lawyers.
  • You may need to privately apply for an Intervention Order against your partner, to protect you or your children – we pride ourselves on our strong team of criminal law experts.
  • You may need a good commercial or tax lawyer to renegotiate any financial or business ventures you have with your partner – we can provide you with access to the top and most effective commercial lawyers.

Why spend hours trying to find the right lawyer for you when Go To Court lawyers knows which lawyers to put you in touch with and will arrange the consultation for you.

We can and will help if you contact us today. You can find that your matter will quickly be placed on the path toward resolution.

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